Nvidia RTX 40-Series GPUs Could Be as Hot As 800W

Rumors about the next offering of graphics cards from Nvidia continue to come through, and this latest one addresses the potential heat of Lovelace.

The closing moments of the RDNA 2 and Ampere architectures are upon the industry. While Intel slowly releases its Arc desktop cards, in China at least, Nvidia and AMD are looking to make that leap into the next GPU generation. As a result, there are many rumors and speculations that have been doing the rounds about what each company will be offering, and this latest one suggests the kind of power that team green’s upcoming Ada Lovelace range could require on desktop and laptop.


According to a report from Videocardz, which references a tweet from known leaker kopite7kimi, the next helping of graphics cards from Nvidia could require a power consumption of 175W on laptop, but may need a fairly eye-watering 800W on desktop. It’s hard to say which specific GPUs the leak refers to, though it’s likely to refer to the top-end of the hardware, such as the RTX 4090 or even RTX 4090 Ti. However, the report goes on to say that this could simply be the power limits that could be applied by board partners, so might not actually be what the final power consumption is.

On top of that, the same leaker speculated that the Nvidia RTX 4090 Ti could be as hot as 900W, and a more recent rumor suggested it could be a slightly cooler, though still stifling, 600W. Given the fact that details continue to change regularly, and that team green has yet to make an official statement on Lovelace’s TDP, it’s safe to assume that any leaked information should be taken with a grain of salt. That’s not to say kopite7kimi is wrong, as they are generally considered a reliable source, but it’s worth holding back judgment until confirmed details come to light.

With Nvidia supposedly delaying the release of the 40-series, now making it September instead of August, there’s still a bit of time left in this generation for the tech giant to unleash something else. The GTX 1630 is one such product that’s currently in the pipeline. However, that too seems to have been pushed back. At the time of writing, it’s unsure when this Turing card will be launching.

With AMD possibly releasing its RDNA 3 range this October at the earliest, the race is on for Nvidia to stay ahead of the competition. In any case, it’s likely that neither company will be fearing Intel too much, given that it seems to be dragging its heels about releasing its current gen Arc hardware.

Source: Videocardz

Source: Gamerant

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