Nvidia GeForce Giveaway Offers Custom The Matrix-Inspired PCs

Nvidia GeForce’s latest giveaway collaborates with The Matrix Resurrections’ promo material for custom, modded PCs inspired by the sci-fi franchise.

The Matrix franchise is set to continue with The Matrix Resurrections‘ theatrical release next week, and the movie’s promotional material has bled into other avenues as a way to advertise it.

The Game Awards’ collaborative promotions with The Matrix Resurrections debuted the launch of The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience, which has emboldened the industry standard for graphical fidelity in games. Today, Nvidia GeForce has announced its own collaborative promotion with The Matrix Resurrections that demonstrates another technological achievement for gaming.


Nvidia GeForce has teamed with Warner Bros and assorted modders to produce custom PCs inspired by The Matrix‘s mythology that come with GeForce RTX GPUs. These GeForce builds are offered as an officially licensed giveaway promotion that any fans can enter via Nvidia GeForce’s social media channels, featuring three builds. The modders’ custom PC builds implement creative and extensive additions to each PC tower case that fully immerse them in the green-hued atmosphere of The Matrix.

Nvidia GeForce’s PC designs are extravagant with two of the three completely engulfing the tower case itself in stylish, Matrix-themed memorabilia. The Digital Storm Backup Operator, for example, resembles an operator’s rig set-up with multiple monitors that feature the iconic digital characters that descend on each screen. Likewise, the NZXT Nebuchadnezzar is a relatively standard H710i tower case but with sentinel tentacles wrapped around it, as well as a neural plug-in outlet that is seen on the backs of characters’ heads in the real world.

The third build, The Breacher, is “a broadcast station jury-rigged to emit a pirate signal that impersonates a hacked sentinel.” The Breacher’s specs include a GeForce RTX 3090 GPU and a Ryzen 9 3950X CPU. Rather, both the Digital Storm Backup Operator and the NZXT Nebuchadnezzar have GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPUs, though the former packs a Ryzen 9 5950X CPU while the latter packs an AMD 5800X CPU.

Other hardware specs are included for all three builds and identify them uniquely from one another for the motherboards, RAM, and other specifications that each will include. While a new, full-fledged Matrix game is not yet on the horizon, fans can still explore The Matrix Awakens for its technological feats and look forward to potentially winning a custom, modded Nvidia GeForce build inspired by Warner Bros’ upcoming The Matrix Resurrections.

Source: Nvidia

Source: Gamerant

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