Nvidia Argues Arm Acquisition Will ‘Spur’ Competition Rather Than Harm It

Last year, Nvidia had its acquisition of Arm put on hold due to its controversial nature, but both companies are putting forward their own arguments.

Nvidia is seemingly in for a busy year with a slew of graphics cards being announced, and some rumored, to take on its newest rivals like Intel, in the market. However, aside from all that, Jensen Huang and his team have found themselves in hot water. Late last year, the GPU manufacturer had its takeover of Arm blocked by the FTC, a deal which was worth $40 billion. Due to concerns from the EU, the UK government where Arm is based, and large customers such as Samsung, Apple, and Google, the acquisition is going through a lot of red tape. However, both companies have now put forward their reasons as to why the deal should go ahead.


According to a recent report from PC Gamer, which cites a document uploaded to the UK government website, both Nvidia and Arm have offered up counterarguments, with it boiling down to some key points. One of the big arguments seems to be the fact that the companies feel the merger will benefit its competitors, rather than hinder them, and that neither will be able to muscle its competitors out once the deal goes through. A quote from the website says that the Nvidia acquisition would be beneficial to Arm, as well as its customers, and won’t “harm competition.”

It seems as though both tech giants are not wishing to back down, looking for ways in which they can convince the numerous influential bodies that the merger will not only be safe, but will actually benefit the customers that depend on Arm. Given that Microsoft and Google disputed the Arm deal last February, it will be interesting to see whether some of the big names that make use of the UK chip firm will yield to these counterpoints. It’s entirely possible that some may be skeptical about the points that have been made, but no doubt there will be some comments made soon.

An image of the Nvidia and AMR logo with a prohobition sign over the top.

In the meantime, Nvidia is getting ready to launch its RTX 3080 Ti, which is expected to be out sometime later this month. While the war between the merger and its opposing naysayers wages on, it’s business as usual for the California-based company.

On top of all this, there is still a GPU shortage which could go on for the rest of this year. There are currently a lot of graphics cards on the horizon, from Nvidia, AMD and now Intel, so there’s ultimately going to be a lot of choice. But it remains to be seen how easy it will be to acquire any of it given the deficit.

Source: PC Gamer, gov.uk

Source: Gamerant

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