Nostalgic Grand Theft Auto Online Video Shows Old Gate Glitch

Game glitches usually aren’t something to celebrate, but GTA Online players are feeling nostalgic for the game’s iconic gate glitch after someone shared a video of it. While it was a GTA Online bug, a lot of players had fun trying to get this gate to glitch in the early days of the game, but it’s since been patched out.

There have been a lot of GTA glitches like this one over the years, with the potential to send the player and their vehicle flying through the air. Physics glitches are a fairly common issue in modern games, and this is one example of the title bugging out when two objects collide.


The gate glitch was shared by GBBlackKnight on the GTA subreddit, reminding long-time players of what it was like and showing it off for those who never got to experience it. The video is said to have been taken around 2014, early on in the GTA Online experience. The player can be seen with their car parked right in front of a swinging gate. After hopping out, the player nudges the gate into position, pushing it up against the car. After a bit of resistance, the gate begins to glitch out as it collides with the vehicle and the player. After a few moments of shaking, the car explodes and the player is left wasted.

This was one potential outcome of the glitch, though with a little work players could often get the gate to make their car rocket into the sky, rather than simply explode. When the glitch was still active, it was common to see multiple players attempting it on any given server just for the fun of it. It was likely particularly popular because it followed in the footsteps of the iconic GTA 4 swing glitch, which similarly would lead a player’s car to go flying through the air after colliding with a swingset.

Fans discussing the video talked about missing this glitch, though some pointed out that other launch glitches still exist within the game. Physics glitches like these typically occur when two physical objects with collision physics become partially stuck in each other. In some games, this only causes destruction, while in others it can cause the two objects to disappear or simply be removed and replaced as the game attempts to resolve the problem.

Some players will always enjoy breaking games and playing them in unintended ways. Thankfully, this particular glitch wasn’t malicious, so all players were left with were amusing memories and GTA Online insurance fees.

GTA Online is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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