No Man’s Sky No Longer Needs a Dedicated Graphics Card to Run

Hello Games’ universe exploration title No Man’s Sky has changed dramatically since it launched in 2016. Going from a game that bombed to now being a cult classic, the studio has poured its heart and soul into distancing itself from that disastrous launch six years ago. Update after update just keeps coming, adding more free content. With the game being expanded upon so much, many would assume the PC version requires some decent hardware to run. But it turns out that’s not the case.


According to a recent report from PCGamesN, not only will No Man’s Sky run on a relatively low-end system, it also doesn’t need a dedicated graphics card. Now, that’s not to say that graphics hardware isn’t a requirement, but the spec list now indicates that gamers won’t need an Nvidia or AMD GPU to play No Man’s Sky on PC. In terms of minimum requirements, an Intel UHD 630 with 3 GB of VRAM should be ample. This integrated graphics processor is included on 8th and 9th generation Intel CPUs. It’s also possible to get the game running on an i3 processor, so it looks as though the game doesn’t even need a current CPU.

Of course, something like an Nvidia RTX 3090 graphics card will obviously do wonders for the game, but it’s nice to know that an integrated graphics chip will suffice, especially in this day and age where many people are simply not prepared to part with their money for expensive tech. A YouTube video by RandomGaminginHD says that playing No Man’s Sky without a dedicated graphics card will still yield a decent frame rate. Although it will require adjusting the game’s setting a bit, players should still be able to achieve 30fps, which should be comfortable for most.

With No Man’s Sky recently receiving its Endurance update, Hello Games is continuing its endeavor to keep pushing out new content for this vast sci-fi game. At launch, it was highly criticized for being a game with very little to do. It became obvious rather quickly that the studio had massively overhyped what players would be able to do in the game, to such an extent that lawsuits were filed for false advertising.

However, it’s a different story these days. In fact, a few months ago, No Man’s Sky won a BAFTA, taking home the award for Evolving Game. As a result, the game has had one of the biggest redemptive arcs in the industry and is enjoyed by millions of dedicated fans around the world.

No Man’s Sky is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. A Switch port is due October 7, 2022.

Source: PCGamesN

Source: Gamerant

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