No Man’s Sky Bug Literally Crashes a Star System’s Economy

Trading is a core component of the experience in No Man’s Sky‘s procedural universe, though some players have encountered a hilarious glitch affecting a relatively recent addition to the game’s trading system. The universe of No Man’s Sky has enjoyed another busy year of updates throughout 2022 with many more planned in 2023 according to the game’s creator, Sean Murray.

While No Man’s Sky is viewed as an exploration game, countless major updates since its rocky release in 2016 have opened up plenty of new ways for players to enjoy the game. The game’s developed trading mechanics offer a unique playstyle for dedicated space truckers, with each and every inhabited star system featuring some form of economy that can vary from system to system. Different parts of the galaxy specialize in different industries with varying degrees of integrity, providing the opportunity for players who simply wish to sell and trade their way to millionaire or even multi-billionaire status.


The trade rocket, a tool added in No Man’s Sky‘s Waypoint update, is a deployable transport capsule that players can pack with goods and launch from anywhere on a planet. Helpful though this feature may be, it doesn’t always perform correctly, as was highlighted in a Reddit post shared by the user FinnaTank40. As can be seen in the clip, this rocket has a nasty tendency of plummeting directly into the ground upon launching, a bug that is experienced somewhat frequently by fans. Fortunately, this glitch doesn’t really have an impact on players though, as users of the trade rocket will always receive their cash upon launching it regardless of trajectory.

Currency in No Man’s Sky has become somewhat redundant for many experienced players of the game, with common moneymaking strategies such as super-efficient resource mines and production bases generating endless wealth for players that make the investment. With regular units often losing some of their value toward the endgame, it has become surprisingly common for players to simply donate vast amounts of their wealth to random Travelers within the game’s social space – a practice that isn’t appreciated so much by those who prefer to do the work themselves.

Though No Man’s Sky is no stranger to bugs, the team of developers behind it is typically quick to fix such issues along with the major updates they put out. Hello Games founder Sean Murray hinted in a tweet earlier in the year that the team has “an even bigger year planned for 2023,” and with No Man’s Sky‘s creator recently posting cryptic tweets that are likely alluding to a new update, many fans are already getting excited for some more No Man’s Sky content that’s likely to drop sometime over the next few days.

No Man’s Sky is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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