Nintendo President Confirms More Content Will Be Coming to Switch Online

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa confirms that Nintendo Switch Online’s services will continue to expand this year, giving fans more content.

Nintendo Switch Online has grown quite a bit since it first launched back in 2018. At first, due to network issues and a lack of content brought about from the service, Nintendo’s attempt at an online subscription was seen as controversial. However, in the years since, Nintendo has given fans more and more reasons to join the Switch Online subscription. Namely, there’s the inclusion of classic games in the Switch Online Expansion Pack, giving fans access to old NES and SNES titles.


Still, for some fans the price of Nintendo Switch Online plus its Expansion Pack isn’t worth it. However, Nintendo’s President Shuntaro Furukawa is looking to change that by offering users more content. In a recent investors call, Furukawa stated that the total number of subscribers for Nintendo Switch Online has not increased since last September. The number that was disclosed then was 32 million subscribers, and Furukawa notes that this stagnation is caused more by people choosing not to renew their subscriptions.

Due to the sales of the Nintendo Switch in last year it does seem strange that the number of Switch Online subscribers would stay mostly the same for over six months. Furukawa also stated that the number is gradually increasing thanks to the aforementioned hardware sales of the Switch. However, he also hopes to increase the amount of people renewing their Nintendo Switch Online service, and the way that he plans to do that is through expanding the overall experience for users.

“We believe it is important to continue releasing software that allows players to continue enjoying, not only online play, but also enhances their overall experience,” stated Furukawa. He went on to say that Nintendo will continue to create new content for its customers throughout the year. While there was no official confirmation of what this new content would contain, recent leaks and other news around Nintendo Switch Online has fans believing they may already know what is coming. Firstly, there’s the N64 emulator, which could do with some more software. Specifically, the service has yet to include the confirmed games of Pokemon Snap and Kirby 64.

There are also a large amount of NES, SNES, and Sega Mega Drive titles that could be added. However, perhaps the most exciting addition to the roster of classic games available in the Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack will come with the leaked Game Boy Advance emulator coming to Nintendo Switch Online, which so far could feature 39 titles from the handheld’s most well-known franchises.

Source: Gamerant

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