Next-Gen Exclusive Atlas Fallen Revealed at Gamescom

Focus Entertainment and Deck 13 present a cinematic trailer during Gamescom 2022 for Atlas Fallen, an action RPG set in a fantasy world.

Each year, Gamescom is an exciting event for fans all over the world as many games on various platforms are revealed or showcased in detail, and this year is no different. Amid the exciting reveals and news, one game that is being discussed in great detail online is Atlas Fallen, which is an action role-playing game made by the developers of the Surge games, Deck 13 Interactive.

The trailer shown during the Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 presentation is mostly cinematic, but it does include a few scenes of gameplay at the end, showcasing the game’s third-person point-of-view, fast-paced action sequences, and super-powered combat. The trailer highlights that the game will release sometime in 2023 and is available now for players to place on their wishlist.


Atlas Fallen invites players to explore a semi-open, sand-covered world full of ancient mysteries and threats and to meet two mysterious fighters battling legendary creatures with sand-infused, shape-shifting weapons. With visuals and action reminiscent of Forspoken, Atlas Fallen looks to be trying to mash together a deeply mysterious and captivating world and narrative along with high-speed traversal and intense action-based combat to keep players engaged and entertained. The trailer’s voiceover repeatedly mentions the Gods, and it seems that players will be tasked with liberating society from their oppression.

Games that are open-world or even semi-open-world often come with the caveat of traversal and are forced to answer the question of how are players going to get around. Many times, players hope that games and their sequels will improve the traversal mechanics so that they are able to get around the usually massive world more efficiently and not have to sink hours of time into just navigating the map. Atlas Fallen‘s trailer shows off some form of sand gliding as the protagonists are able to magically glide over the surface of the sand in the desert at high speeds to get from one place to another. Also, the fact that the game’s characters are able to use impressive amounts of magic does give hope to fans that are looking for fresh alternatives to regular traversal in a fantasy world.

Games that feature deadly and dangerous monsters are often popular with players as they search for the biggest and most challenging creatures around to hunt and conquer. Atlas Fallen looks to have many such creatures that players will enjoy hunting and facing off against using the characters’ shape-shifting, super-powered weapons that are imbued with sand magic. With the game now revealed at Gamescom, fans can look forward to diving into the world of Atlas Fallen next year.

Atlas Fallen will be available in 2023 for PC, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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