New World Update 1.4.4 Makes a Lot of Changes

Amazon Game’s New World has undoubtedly had its ups and downs. The beta was massively popular last September, with a day one peek of over 140,000 players. However, the game did not quite manage to sustain that success, due in part to its various bugs and balance issues.

However, while attention has shifted chiefly to Amazon’s other MMO, Lost Ark, developers continue to support New World with regular updates. The latest patch is Version 1.4.4 from May 3rd. It introduces several bug fixes addressing issues with various items, abilities, perks, and more.


The Version 1.4.4 patch notes list 13 separate fixes to New World’s various systems. One that will come in handy for new players is that they can now take the names of deleted accounts. New World’s accounts are global rather than server-based, as streamer Asmongold learned to his annoyance during the game’s peak. Before the patch, the game still considered the names of deleted accounts to be taken. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case as of the May 3rd update.

The rest of the changes relate to bugs that directly affect New World’s gameplay. For example, developers solved an issue that caused global events and timers to hurt performance and another that caused crafting to fail during times of high latency. The team also fixed a potentially serious bug that permanently prevented players from dodging after becoming Exhausted. Additionally, patch 1.4.4 fixed a strange issue where Marks of Fortune dialogue would appear when players attempt to buy server transfer tokens.

Of course, the bulk of fixes related to New World’s items and abilities. Crafted Tempest’s Heart Replica weapons now have the correct Gear Score. According to the patch notes, it should be in the 597 to 600 range. However, before version 1.4.4, a bug in the calculation caused it to be much higher. Other weapon-related fixes solve a bug that caused the Alacrity, Empowered, and Fortified Amulet Perks to disable the Freedom, Vigor, and Invigorated Armor Perks. The patch also fixes a bug that allowed Shield perks without the player having a sword equipped.

The remaining fixes relate to New World’s various abilities. One resolved bug with the Mortar Charge ability made its effects permanent instead of only lasting for fifteen seconds or three shots as was intended. While some Blunderbuss players might have enjoyed this bug, it’s gone as of New World’s latest update. Finally, the patch fixes a glitch where the Hatchet’s Berserk and Ice Gauntlet’s Ice Pylon abilities would get stuck on a permanent cooldown.

New World’s popularity has undoubtedly fallen off-post release. However, Amazon Games haven’t abandoned it yet, with the game’s Heart of Madness update having launched in March. And while the 1.4.4 update is not quite as substantial, it at least seems to indicate that Amazon won’t be pulling the plug on New World just yet.

New World is available now on PC.

Source: Amazon Games

Source: Gamerant

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