New World Players Want Meteors to Stay

New World players are especially enjoying the meteor showers in the new Winter Convergence event, and they would like for them to stay.

Amazon Game Studios’ New World hasn’t been doing quite as well as it did in its first two weeks since launch, and that’s the result of too many game-breaking issues – be it design choices or glitches – running rampant for a while. There have been multiple times when New World players expressed their opinions about the game’s many problems, such as the crumbling economy or the dwindling of the active population, and Amazon has been listening in the background. A great example of this is the fact that the December patch and the one coming in 2022 would be changing the way Gear Score works very drastically, and players would lose part of their progress as a result.


Players were very vocal about it online, and after a while, Amazon decided to go back to the drawing board and alter the way the new Watermark system was meant to work. This allows New World players to retain their Gear Score, even if it was increased via purchasing powerful items from the trading posts.

Things have been better since after the December patch and the Winter Convergence event for the holiday season, and New World players have been particularly happy about the addition of Gleamite meteors. These meteors are random, dynamic events that can occur whenever it’s night in New World, and they appear as flashy, firey objects flying through the sky. At some point, the meteors disintegrate and scatter into Gleamite Chunks – iridescent crystals from space – that players can harvest in order to obtain extra Winter tokens for more holiday loot.

Winter tokens are already an integral part of New World‘s Winter Convergence event, and they can be exchanged at the Winter Village Holiday Huts, which means that they will most likely be gone when the event ends. However, a Reddit user called TeenyTinyWyvern made a post asking for meteors to stay, and it gained quite a lot of traction within the community. The player suggested making the meteors drop Starmetal nodes after the event is over, which makes sense thematically and would still provide an entertaining in-game event that is also good for farming.

The recent New World developer video details new weapons, gameplay changes, and more to come to the game, and all of this is likely to help in retaining players. Still, seeing how the post about keeping meteors blew up, Amazon should probably consider keeping the event in the game in the future or at least come up with new iterations for it.

New World is available now on PC.

Source: Gamerant

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