New World Player Shows Incredible Collection of Winter Convergence Housing Items

A New World fan shows off a collection of Winter Convergence furnishing items in their newly decorated house, sharing some tips to get them all.

Amazon Game Studios’ New World has been going through several phases since launch, with the first couple of weeks being the pinnacle of the experience for many players, and the following ones serving as the downfall of the game. The rise and fall of New World has been a strange phenomenon to witness, and the main issues the game had were dictated by lack of communication when it came to bugs and the general direction of the MMO. Still, the December patch and the Winter Convergence event brought many New World players online once more to enjoy all new things in Aeternum.


There are still issues with the game, such as the recent buzz about Amazon wanting to increase the Gear Score cap without actually introducing new core activities and loot to incentivize as much. New World players suggested a couple of effective solutions, and Amazon seems willing to listen moving forward. Also, New World players asked for Gleamite meteors to stay after the Winter Convergence event ends, albeit in a new form, maybe making the minerals that they spawn be Starmetal, instead.

Like many holiday-themed events in MMOs, New World‘s Winter Convergence also imposes quite the grind to players who want to unlock the best of items – which in this case are likely the attribute foods, rather than actual gear. A Reddit user called AngeloMonharti shared a clip that shows their newly decorated in-game house, which is filled with exclusive Winter Convergence furnishing items. This is especially outstanding seeing how the house is decorated with all the icy furniture, and five cute rabbits are sitting at the table.

The walls are white because AngeloMonharti used dining tables and turned them sideways to cover the wall, and players willing to replicate the style mainly need to farm a lot of tokens to purchase all the decorations. This is something that New World players can still do for a while, considering the Winter Convergence event was meant to end on January 11 but was extended to January 25 due to its growing popularity.

Because this is an MMO with plenty of different features, newcomers often find it hard to figure out what to do first in New World, especially during limited-time events such as this. However, AngeloMonharti shared their method to getting plenty of tokens by grabbing floating presents in a route outside of Monarch’s Bluffs. This can be done quite early and the only requirement is to have a ranged weapon to hit the presents with, meaning that other players could get a room like AngeloMonharti’s with a bit of effort.

New World is available now on PC.

Source: Gamerant

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