New World Player Shares Awesome 1v2 Play With Musket and Rapier

A New World player shares an incredible play using their Musket and Rapier to defend a control point, solo, against two opponents.

One of the most interesting aspects about Amazon Game Studios’ New World has always been its big-scale PvP Faction Wars, where 50 players would fight against another 50 for glory and gold. While Faction Wars weren’t always in the best state, considering that many New World players used the mass-reporting exploit to get rid of their enemies by having them banned, Amazon has been trying to improve the way things work in many ways. For starters, weapons were rebalanced in a way that allows the underdogs to perform better than before, and some of those weapons that were the best before the changes can still dominate the game.


Weapons like Musket and Bow also have a huge ammo economy issue in New World, which makes them less convenient to use in terms of Coins spent, and yet they make for great PvP weapons on many occasions. Mostly, these Dexterity weapons excel in skirmishes rather than in large-scale battles, as they allow players to focus on a handful of targets and take them down first.

A Reddit user by the name of sylphran shared a clip of them defending the control point in Castle Reekwater in an intense 1v2 fight. The player ambushed the enemies and rapidly took one of them down to very low health with Musket hits, and when the other opponent came closer with their Sword and Shield, sylphran used their Rapier and dodges to close the gap with the wounded foe. An extra couple of Musket shots sealed the deal on the first enemy, but the second one was still ready to use their Great Axe’s Gravity Well.

With an incredible play from sylphran, the remaining opponent was disposed of with a well-timed Riposte, which stunned the Great Axe player only for them to fall to a backstab and a Musket shot. This play goes to show just how deadly Dexterity weapons can be in smaller fights, and it’s not the first time a New World player shows Musket prowess when going solo against multiple enemies.

Keeping settlements or winning them over is not easy, and New World Companies are using an exploit to keep territory control by having subsidiary Companies attack them, instead. Combined with New World‘s ever-dwindling population, this makes PvP all the more infuriating for those who just want to have fun with their characters and have a shot at conquering territories. Still, there are plenty of other times when skill is rewarded, and this clip shows precisely that.

New World is available now on PC.

Source: Gamerant

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