New World Player Finds Patch of Grass That Contains Fish

A New World player finds a glitched area in Ebonscale, in the middle of the forest, where players can fish or even drown.

One of the most alluring elements about Amazon Game Studios’ New World, before it was released, was that players could spend their time in the game doing anything – from PvP Faction Wars to Expedition, from gathering resources to crafting items. This is still true to this day, albeit New World solo players can find the experience limiting in that PvE content is rather scarce for those who don’t have a proper party. Still, harvesting materials and crafting gear out of them can be quite engaging, and it even offers an alternative way to level one’s character up.


Harvesting and gathering resources can be very profitable too, and it shows with the overwhelming number of New World bots that have been plaguing the game since launch, often fishing or logging trees in areas where there’s plenty. But New World is also a game where players keep finding many bugs, and today a Redditor by the name of JustWASD found one more while exploring Ebonscale’s grassfields.

The Reddit user shared a post and a video showcasing the bug, which makes a patch of regular grass act like a puddle, instead, where players can both fish and drown – if they spend long enough underwater. This glitch is particularly weird because the area is mainly a grassy path with plenty of trees around, and JustWASD shows their character walking over the area with normal physics for any ground, but then the Breath icon appears, with it constantly decreasing as long as the character is there. The area is quite far from any body of water, and yet the player can also cast their rod and try to fish as per usual in New World.

This is precisely what the player does, and they even managed to get two fish out of the invisible puddle, all with water physics and graphics being displayed on screen. The character also performs the typical New World fishing pose when they do catch fish, and the player unlocks fishing-related triumphs.

Aside from bugs, New World also has several exploits that allow players to get specific advantages, with one of the most renowned – and now fully patched out of the game – being Gold duplication. However, New World Companies are also using an exploit to keep territory control, which doesn’t consist of mass-reporting enemy players, but rather having a subsidiary Company attack the main one and engage in a fake War.

New World is available now on PC.

Source: Gamerant

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