New World Developers Answer Community’s Challenge and Do Myrkgard Run

New World developers respond to the game’s community by accepting the Myrkgard run challenge which isn’t as successful as fans may expect.

Frustrated by the difficulty of New World‘s endgame content, a large portion of the game’s community implored the developers of the MMO to do a Myrkgard run. The developers of New World have since accepted, with some hilarious results.

Several New World fans have been speculating that the developers of the MMO don’t play the endgame content based on how difficult it is and they may have found their answers during the recent Myrkgard developer run. This Myrkgard run included Game Director Scot Lane, Senior Producer Mike Willette, Creative Director David Verfaillie, and Game Designer Zach Holm. The video also showed their various perspectives to give New World players an idea of what gear they’re wearing, what skills they’re using, and where they’re positioning themselves.


The New World developer video begins with the team behind the game explaining that they are under-geared for Myrgard and aren’t quite as skilled as New World‘s dedicated players, suggesting that they expected some wipes. The video includes a full team of ten developers but only focuses on the four aforementioned team leaders and some helpful tips that appear in the middle of the screen regularly. These tips range from useful information to help New World players find success in Myrkgard to witty, self-aware jokes at the developers’ expense.

New World isn’t the only MMO with tips that appear regularly, as World of Warcraft popularized giving players hints during load times and early content. The tips in the video differ from the in-game tips as another developer seemingly watches the Myrkgard run while typing tips periodically. Some of these tips include “sometimes surrender is the best option,” “make sure tanks stay close to healers and vice versa,” and “we give you 2 weapons in New World for a reason. Use them!”

Although the Amazon Games team eventually threw in the towel on the Myrkgard run, they managed to make it quite far before calling it quits. This Myrkgard group was far from accomplishing a zero death run of the foreboding endgame Elite zone, but their coordination in taking out specific enemies and quips about the zone’s layout should help better geared New World fans who are struggling get an upper hand. Because of their lacking gear, the team of developers had to call it quits within an hour due to the added difficulty on top of an endgame zone that’s already hard.

Endgame difficulty isn’t limited to Myrkgard runs, as other Elite areas in the game are about as difficult and players continue to see issues trying to locate certain high-level New World crafting materials. While it’s currently unclear if the developers intend to nerf the Myrkgard Elite zone due to their inability to complete it, they may have gotten some ideas of what parts of the run are more difficult than intended or what aspects of it aren’t working. The New World community has since applauded the Amazon Games team for trying their hand at the Myrkgard run as many players have praised its transparency with the community.

New World is available right now for PC.

Source: Gamerant

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