New World Developer Video Details New Weapons, Gameplay Changes, and More

In a new video, Amazon Game Studios highlights upcoming changes, fixes, and additions to New World for fans to anticipate.

In a lengthy video, New World developer Amazon Game Studios released a December Update outlining what’s in store for its MMORPG. This follows multiple gameplay hiccups and bugs since New World‘s initial launch.

Amazon’s New World is no exception to MMO glitches as it has had a rough journey since its initial release in September. New World players have encountered glitches, such as gold duplication, random character invincibility, and long wait times.


The New World video update posted to YouTube begins with Rich Lawrence, the studio head, agreeing that in the team’s efforts to fix said glitches, those changes often caused more issues, lowering New World’s reviews on Steam. Lawrence says. “What we’ve been trying to do is balance new features as much as we can in with our fixes. And what we’ve discovered is we have a rate limit. We are going too fast, honestly.” Lawrence says the team plans to focus more on making sure patches are fully ready for release, slowing the pace for more analysis. In other words. the devs will focus on producing patches that have fewer but larger features with fewer bugs.

When it comes to upcoming content, players can look forward to Mutators or weekly modifiers to enemies within the game’s expeditions (or dungeons), giving players more obstacles to avoid, such as exploding enemies causing damaging-area-effect or curses upon players disrupting abilities or skills. Players can also look forward to new weapons such as the Blunderbuss, a long-range focused musket said to be here “pretty soon” by Dave Hall, New World’s player experience lead, and seemingly a greatsword which will include a stance-switching feature. Unfortunately, players anticipating the arrival of daggers will have to wait longer as Hall states that the weapon is “near the front but not quite there yet” when it comes to which weapons the team will work on adding next.

Furthermore, the video explains what is expected of New World’s main storyline. According to narrative lead Rob Chestney, the team will finish the “first chapter” of the main story soon and continue to update the quests to include new features such as destructible objects. Other news players should anticipate are quest lines associated with specific trade skills considering the importance of trading in New World, fast travel changes including adding more fast travel shrines, and undiscovered shrines being viewable on the map for players to find more easily.

With the amount of information revealed in this hour and a half long video, it is well worth watching in its entirety, so players can understand and anticipate where the devs plan on taking the MMORPG. In the meantime, players can join New World’s first seasonal event, the Winter Convergence Festival, which brings daily tasks, limited-time holiday-themed rewards, and requires players to partake in specific activities in order to progress in ranks.

New World is available now on PC.

Source: Gamespot

Source: Gamerant

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