New World Companies Use Exploit to Keep Territory Control

Some New World Companies are using an exploit that allows them to attack themselves and retain territory control indefinitely.

New World is doing much better these days than it was a month or two into launch, and that’s because Amazon Game Studios has proven to be open to feedback, actually changing things in the game that the community wasn’t happy with like Gear Scores and the Expertise value. While the game is far from being out of the woods, the main thing going for it is that the developer is still working hard and wants to see New World succeed, possibly with new updates further down the line.


One of the main issues is that New World has always been full of glitches and exploits since launch, such as the gold duplication bug where players could use high latency in order to make the game refund trades, but also complete Coin transfers anyway. Because New World was conceived as a PvP-oriented game, Faction Wars were and still are one of the main allures of it, especially with the territorial control system and taxes. As such, players tried to exploit Wars in many ways, and New World‘s community recently pointed out that mass reporting is still an issue.

A Reddit user by the name of Isagiyoku shared a post showing that New World Companies are using their subsidiaries to attack themselves and prevent further Wars from being declared on territories controlled by them. This is an exploit that makes it impossible for other Companies and Factions to dethrone those who are currently in power, making it even harder to have a shot at controlling other territories within Aeternum. Wars are already painful at times due to some weapons dominating over others and trivializing fights, and issues like this one make it worse.

Having a subsidiary Company ready for a War is no easy task, however, and other New World players pointed out that it might still be worth trying to defend a given territory against regular attackers than set things up with this exploit. The fact that players use subsidiary Companies to attack their own or resort to exploits like mass-reporting enemy Companies to retain or obtain control of a given territory might be due to the flawed taxation system, which benefits who is in charge rather than the settlement.

In fact, New World players have been asking for a way to rebel against their own Faction for a while now, and the reason is that Companies can do more harm than good. This doesn’t seem to be one of Amazon’s priorities at the moment, though, which means that a change in the right direction might have to come later – if it it comes at all.

New World is available now on PC.

Source: Gamerant

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