New Star Wars LEGO Set May Have Spoiled Returning Character In Ahsoka Series

The upcoming Disney Plus series Star Wars: Ahsoka is already primed to feature live-action debuts for several characters previously confined to the halls of animation. But aside from Ahsoka herself and some returning favorites from Star Wars Rebels, it looks like another surprise from that same series might be on its way as well.

That particular Star Wars series has been enjoying time in the limelight lately, with a notable Star Wars Rebels cameo in a recent episode of The Mandalorian and the ever-rising hype for Ahsoka as, effectively, a direct follow-up to it. Ahsoka, featuring Rosario Dawson in the titular role of Ahsoka Tano, may sport the name of that fan-favorite sometimes-Jedi first introduced in The Clone Wars animated series. But for all intents and purposes, it looks like it will serve as a stage for the triumphant return of several others. Among them now appears to be a character who only appeared once yet whose presence holds some far-reaching implications.


According to German LEGO fan news site Promo Bricks, the beloved toy company is reportedly gearing up to release a new set based on The Ghost, the main ship seen in Star Wars Rebels. However, this set is allegedly a tie-in with the upcoming Ahsoka series and features some new characters that weren’t present in previous iterations from LEGO. Notably, it will allegedly include figures of the ship’s Twi’lek pilot Hera Syndulla, Mon Calamari mechanic Quarrie (also from Rebels), and an unknown male character with dark skin. But most surprising of all is the apparent inclusion of Jacen Syndulla, the son of Hera and her dearly departed Jedi love Kanan Jarrus.

Aside from proving how cool a LEGO Star Wars Rebels game could be, this set hints at some interesting story developments for Ahsoka. Jacen was seen only once in Rebels – and even then, he was just a small child. He showed up during the show’s epilogue alongside his mother in the cockpit of The Ghost while the other remaining main characters set off to do their own thing. This included the young Mandalorian Sabine Wren, who was last seen joining Ahsoka to search for series lead Ezra Bridger after his disappearance.

But based on Birds of Prey‘s Mary Elizabeth Winstead joining the Ahsoka cast, reportedly to play Hera Syndulla, Jacen may feature more prominently in this series. It makes sense since Hera would naturally keep her son with her, as seen in the Rebels finale. However, a couple of questions do come to mind. Namely, how old will Jacen be, considering that Ahsoka is set to feature a Rebels-inspired time jump? But also, will Jacen be Force-sensitive like his father?

These questions will obviously be answered once the show comes out, assuming Jacen does show up. But there’s also the matter of the unknown dark-skinned male character seen in the LEGO set. Who is he? Is it Ezra, or someone entirely new? Time will tell, and that time is finally ticking down in the long wait for Ahsoka.

Ahsoka is set to premiere on Disney Plus in mid-to-late 2023.

Source: Promo Bricks

Source: Gamerant

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