New Pokemon x Bear Walker Skateboard Feature Gen 1 Starters

Skateboard brand Bear Walker reveals the latest designs of its collaboration with Pokemon, this time featuring the Kanto region starters.

Pokemon fans are likely always on the search for lifestyle items that allows them to incorporate their favorite pocket creatures into their daily lives. This is probably why The Pokemon Company has collaborations with brands like Uniqlo, McDonald’s, and even big artists like Post Malone and Katy Perry for the Pokemon 25th anniversary celebrations. Now, Bear Walker, a skateboard design brand, has revealed a new collection that features four Pokemon from Gen 1, the three iconic starters and another from the Kanto region.


Though the database of pocket creatures continues to grow with every new generation of Pokemon video games, the fanbase seem to have a nostalgic sense of love for the three original Kanto Pokemon starters. Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle are well-known crowd favorites, and the community seems to support this notion by often creating fan art and merchandise that feature the three Pokemon. Even The Pokemon Company knows about the love for the Gen 1 starters, and often include one or all of them in their official partnerships with mainstream consumer brands.

In the sixth official collaboration with skateboard brand Bear Walker, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle are at the front and center of the collection. Bear Walker has made incredible limited-edition Pokemon skateboards over the years, featuring iconic Pokemon such as Pikachu, Eevee and its whole line-up of evolutions, and even legendaries like Mew. Though the brand does have a Charizard skateboard design, this is the first time that a collection focuses solely on the Kanto region starters in their base versions. The collection also features another Pokemon from the 1st Generation, Cubone. The reason Cubone is included in the product range is because the Pokemon is a personal favorite of Bear Walker himself.

According to the official site, the limited-edition skateboards will retail for around $249.99 each. They will be available for purchase in the United States and Canada, on the official Pokemon Center online site. Fans who are looking for official Pokemon merchandise and products like these Bear Walker skateboards should stay updated on the official website, as some items may sell out as soon as they are released.

With the launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet scheduled for November 2022, it may be possible that the Bear Walker brand will also make limited-edition Pokemon skateboard designs for the Gen 9 Pokemon. Fans will have to follow the brand’s official platforms to see if Bear Walker does decide to dedicate a new collection to the upcoming Pokemon video game.

Source: Gamerant

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