New Pokemon GO Feature is Preventing Players From Accessing Routes


  • The highly anticipated Party Play feature has been released in Pokemon GO, allowing players to collaborate in the game.
  • Some users have expressed frustration as they cannot use Party Play while on a Route, and have criticized the rewards and development of the feature.
  • Niantic has not made any official announcements regarding the integration of Party Play and Routes, but it’s likely they will work on refining and integrating the features.

In a twist of events following the much-anticipated release of the Party Play feature, Pokemon GO players are expressing their frustrations at Niantic. Just over a week ago, the Pokemon GO‘s developer teased the highly anticipated Party Play multiplayer feature, igniting the enthusiasm of trainers worldwide. This multiplayer feature was expected to enhance the gaming experience by allowing players to join their friends on different Routes.

The Party Play feature made its official debut in Pokemon GO approximately three days ago, opening up a new realm of collaborative gameplay. In Party Play mode, players initiate a gathering by creating a party through the Party tab located within their in-game profiles. The game generates a unique numerical code or QR code, which can be shared with up to three nearby Trainers. Once the participants have convened and the host kicks off the party, Pokemon GO transports them back to the map, ready for collaborative exploration. To celebrate the launch of Party Play, players were also treated to a Special Research quest and the opportunity to snag exclusive Eevee-themed t-shirts for their avatars.

However, despite the excitement surrounding Party Play, the feature is still grappling with some initial teething issues. Users on the official Pokemon GO Reddit forum have raised concerns regarding the concurrent use of Party Play and Routes, finding them to be incompatible. This means that players cannot engage in Party Play while on a Route, leading to frustrations about the game’s limited ability to support both features simultaneously. Additionally, some players have expressed disappointment with the perceived hasty development of Party Play, while others have criticized the quality of rewards, deeming them subpar.

The apparent lack of compatibility between Pokemon GO Routes and Party Play can be attributed to their recent introduction into the game. Game developers often face unforeseen challenges when introducing new features, and ensuring harmony between them might take some time. Given that both features are still in their infancy, there’s a high possibility that Niantic is already working on refining and seamlessly integrating them. However, as of now, Niantic has not made any official announcements regarding the potential integration of these features.

On a related note, it’s important to mention that Pokemon GO Routes, introduced in late July, were designed to encourage exploration and strengthen the sense of community among the game’s diverse player base. However, the feature faced widespread criticism due to various limitations and idiosyncrasies that frustrated a significant portion of the player community. This feedback prompted developers to make substantial changes to Pokémon GO Routes.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

Source: Gamerant

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