New Path of Exile Expansion Lake of Kalandra is Live

Path of Exile’s latest Lake of Kalandra expansion brings a new challenge league, new Atlas Memory quests, and major reworks to various systems.

Lake of Kalandra, the 12th expansion for Path of Exile, has officially gone live and is bringing a host of content along with the traditional challenge league associated with the expansion. Path of Exile players can expect new Atlas Memory Master quests, reworks to the Archnemesis, Harvest, and Beyond/Scourge league mechanics, and much more.

Path of Exile is Grinding Gear Games’ sole title, a gritty free-to-play isometric action RPG that fans of the Diablo series can find comfortably familiar while still bringing many unique features and game mechanics to the table. Since its release in 2013, Path of Exile has evolved greatly over the years thanks to 12 expansion packs which each bring novel mechanics into the game as well as refining and updating Path of Exile‘s core systems. Despite its free-to-play model, Path of Exile is well-regarded for not being overly predatory with its microtransactions, eschewing pay-to-win purchases in favor of mostly cosmetic offerings.


The latest expansion for Path of Exile, Lake of Kalandra, explores the mysterious character Kalandra and the lake where she obtained her reflective powers. Kalandra is the source of the “mirrored” item mechanic where rare Mirror of Kalandra items can be used to create a mirrored version of a piece of equipment that is flipped horizontally. The Kalandra Challenge League is heavily themed on mirrors and reflections, with players facing mirrored variants of past encounters. Players will find a set of columns with a mirrored tablet on top which can be interacted with to create a custom set of encounters to be dealt with at the Lake.

New Atlas Memory quests have been added to the game as core content. Players may occasionally find Memory items during gameplay that represents the memories of an NPC. Each Memory in a sequence gets progressively more difficult and more rewarding as players explore the memories of that character. Archnemesis, Harvest, and Beyond/Scourge league mechanics have each received major reworks that have rebalanced the mechanics, renamed many effects for information clarity, updated the visuals, adjusted their rewards, and changed the rates of monster and boss spawns. The new Beyond monsters now also drop Tainted currency items that allow players to modify Path of Exile‘s corrupted gear.

The patch notes for this Path of Exile expansion are extremely lengthy, covering countless additions and changes besides the major new features. It’s clear that Grind Gear Games continues to be highly dedicated to improving Path of Exile while preparing Path of Exile 2‘s 2024 release.

Path of Exile is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One.

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