New Overwatch Novel is All About Sojourn

Overwatch fans wanting to learn a bit more about Sojourn are in luck, as the sequel’s first new hero will be getting her own novel.

While Overwatch 2 is expected to introduce a few new heroes, with Blizzard recently teasing some much-needed additions to the Support role, fans have known about Sojourn for a while now. As such, it makes sense that Sojourn would get a lot of love in the lore department, with Overwatch 2 fans recently learning that a novel about the character is on the way.

Currently, very little is known about the Damage hero even after Sojourn’s story trailer. Players are aware that she was part of the Canadian military and worked with Overwatch to stop the Omnic crisis, with the character getting a leadership role in the organization. She worked well with Jack Morrison and a majority of her body is cybernetically enhanced, allowing her to do things like activate weapons from her arms and power slide. Beyond that, though, not much information has been provided about Overwatch’s latest hero.


While a Sojourn cinematic from Blizzard is in the works, and players can learn a bit more about her through the dialogue she has with other characters in the Overwatch 2 beta, an upcoming novel should provide a ton of insight into her personality and backstory. Called Overwatch: Sojourn, the book will be releasing on October 11. While details are limited and talk about “a race against time” to stop a threat, fans do see some of the characters that Sojourn will be interacting with in the cover art reveal for the book.

As shown in the short video provided by Blizzard, Sojourn’s novel will seemingly highlight her time fighting with Overwatch. Specifically, she will be interacting with Torbjorn and Jack Morrison, the man that would go on to become the vigilante Soldier 76. Intriguingly, Dr. Mina Liao is featured in this artwork. It seems like Echo’s creator and the source of her personality will play a key role in this story, so perhaps Echo’s creation could be brought up in a conversation. This is purely speculation, though, as it is unclear how much Liao will be featured.

Regardless, getting to learn even more about characters like Dr. Liao alongside Sojourn is exciting, and it seems like a solid premise for a novel. With Ashe’s Overwatch book Deadlock Rebels showing the rise of her gang, and a previous book focusing on Orisa, there is plenty of lore to take in for those that love the game’s heroes. Like these two novels, Overwatch: Sojourn will likely be aimed at young adults, so fans do not need to expect a high reading level for this book.

With everything from Sojourn’s age to romantic relationships on the table, this book could have many interesting reveals for fans of the railgun-using hero. While October 11 is a fair bit away, those excited to read about Sojourn can pre-order the book right now.

Overwatch 2 is currently in development.

Source: Gamerant

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