New Nintendo Switch Console Model is Already a Big Hit


  • A new Mario-inspired Switch console has doubled sales, proving to be incredibly popular among Nintendo’s passionate fan base.
  • Despite competition from newer consoles, the Switch maintains its popularity with exclusive titles and a dedicated fan base.
  • The upcoming release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder is expected to further increase sales of the Mario Red Edition, aligning with Nintendo’s game plan.

A new Switch console inspired by Mario has already proven to be a massive hit by doubling sales from the previous week. There have been several special edition Switch consoles released in the past, but this particular version has shown itself to be incredibly popular, especially since it pays tribute to Nintendo’s most popular character.

Since its launch in 2017, the Switch has proven to be one of Nintendo’s most successful consoles. With a treasure trove of titles exclusive to the console, the Switch has maintained its popularity, which is a great feat to accomplish. Although there has been the release of both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S since its launch, Nintendo’s Switch is still going strong thanks to the company’s passionate fan base. WIth the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom releasing back in May, the Switch has still been providing fans major exclusive titles, and this has helped secure its staying power six years later.

One of the Switch’s most recent iterations is a special Mario Red Edition, and it’s already an incredible success in Japan. After the launch of the Mario Red Edition, the Switch’s sales in Japan went up to 110, 241 units sold, doubling the sales of the week prior. With rumors and leaks revolving around a potential Switch 2, it’s impressive to see that special editions of a six-year-old console are still drumming up spikes in sales.

Not only is this jump in sales a testament to the passion of many Nintendo fans, but the upcoming release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder could very well create another increase in sales for the Mario Red Edition of the Switch. A special edition of the Switch that is directly inspired by Mario releasing just a few weeks before Super Mario Bros. Wonder could likely have been Nintendo’s game plan all along, since the fans and collectors who are particularly passionate about the company and its games would choose to play the newest Super Mario Bros. game on a console that’s called the Mario Red Edition.

Despite the recent Switch 2 leaks, the original Switch is still clearly a popular console for many gamers. With major games like Tears of the Kingdom and a new Super Mario Bros. game on the horizon, the current iteration of the console is still kicking after six years. Although it may not compare to the newer PS5 and Xbox Series X/S when it comes to visual performance and overall power, the Switch is clearly still thriving thanks to the passion of its fan base.

Source: BNN Bloomberg

Source: Gamerant

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