New Horizon Forbidden West Video Shows Slitherfang Snake Robot in Action

As the release of Horizon Forbidden West approaches, Guerilla Games reveals several new details about the robotic snake called the Slitherfang.

After waiting nearly 5 years since the release of Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4, it might be hard for some to believe that the sequel is almost here. Nevertheless, Horizon Forbidden West is less than 2 months away from launch. In preparation for the momentous occasion, the developers at Guerilla Games have given fans several new looks at the upcoming game.

Earlier this month, gamers had an opportunity to see new gameplay footage for the sequel during The Game Awards. This was followed by a second trailer highlighting the machines of the game, such as the Rollerback and the Sunwing. Recently, fans received even more details about one of the more striking monsters glimpsed at during the previous trailer.


In a tweet, developer Guerrilla Games gave anxious fans another glimpse at one of the machines coming to Horizon Forbidden West. As part of a series called “Meet the Machines,” the developer detailed the terrifying Slitherfang found in the lands of the Forbidden West. This robotic snake was an apex predator due to its prodigious size and impressive speed. According to the tweet from the game studio, the creature was dangerous both at far distances and at close range.

In addition to this description from Guerrilla Games, the tweet came with a brief clip highlighting the terrifying monster. In the video, the Slitherfang could be seen wrapping itself around one of the dilapidated structures in the area, preparing to lash out at Aloy. Based on the information from the tweet, the machine needed to assume “a coiled stance” before using all of its deadly abilities. However, the developer cautioned that once the monster had coiled into an attack position, it became an extremely threatening presence in the wilderness of the Forbidden West.

This wasn’t the only news regarding the upcoming sequel. Besides the Slitherfang, fans recently learned more about the download size of Horizon Forbidden West. According to the database information for PS5, the size of the game looks to be 96.350 GBs. While the sequel having a larger file size was expected, it was still considerably more than the download size for Horizon Zero Dawn from 2017. In addition, that file size didn’t include any day one patch.

With Horizon Forbidden West still roughly 2 months away from launch, it will be interesting to see what other news the developers at Guerrilla Games unveil about the title. Perhaps, even more information about the plethora of machines found in the game will be revealed to help satisfy the appetites of excited fans.

Horizon: Forbidden West releases on February 18 for PS4 and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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