New Free Game Mixes Doom and Myst

Experimental indie games appear essentially every week these days, and one of the newest available titles is a pretty unique take on Myst, turning it into a first-person shooter Doom clone. Now, gamers can play this weird, hilarious mixture of these two classics for free with Myst FPS.

Myst was one of the most innovative titles of the 90s. Released in 1993, it became the best-selling PC game of the decade, reaching markets and gamers that no other product touched before. Even today, the Myst franchise stands out among the best puzzle games with incredible lore, as its sequel doubled down on its story and atmosphere. Gamers who try it today will find a quiet, calm experience that will test their brains with hard puzzles. Or, perhaps, they can just shoot demons in Myst instead.


Created by indie developers Peter Henningsen and Steven Noss, Myst FPS is a unique take on the original Myst by adding first-person shooter mechanics to it. The game takes place on the same island as the original title and offers similar movements, which allows the player to change the screen by using WASD. However, gamers expecting a title like Myst will be disappointed. Myst FPS shakes up the gameplay by giving the player the mission to destroy 100 bat-like demons who are trying to kill them.

In a real Doom-like fashion, the gamer needs to quickly dispose of the monsters using only five lives and one gun. However, the game obviously cannot compete with the best MS-DOS shooters such as the original Doom. While it’s quite funny and fast-paced, it’s also clearly a joke game with very simple mechanics. That said, the jokes are pretty good and mostly revolve around how hard Myst was unless you used a guide.

As spotted by Rock Paper Shotgun, after murdering a few demons, the game yells “Cerebral” at the player, and it gets them a link to Mensa International if they beat all 100 enemies. That’s a club for people with high IQ, which now they can join because they finally beat Myst.

While Myst’s legacy may now be relegated to a few projects such as this one and some clearly-inspired games like Obduction and The Witness, the Doom community keeps thriving due to its modding projects. Recently, Doom modders came up with a novel concept: fighting demons with love in a new Doom 2 mod. In Lover’s Quarrel, players could get that same old Doom 2 experience and mow down enemies with shotguns, but this time with cute Valentine’s Day decorations and effects.

Myst FPS is available for PC.

Source:, Rock Paper Shotgun

Source: Gamerant

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