New Destiny 2 Titles, Seals Revealed for Witch Queen and Season 16

As Destiny 2’s new expansion approaches, players are beginning to get a look at seals and titles being added for The Witch Queen.

With five big expansions, the 30th anniversary update, and more than fifteen seasons worth of content, it’s safe to say that Destiny 2 has been well-supported by Bungie. The Witch Queen expansion promises to be one of their biggest yet, a prospect which has Destiny 2 fans brimming with excitement. And now, just before the release of the new content, players can have a look at the new titles and seals that are going to be available in the update and subsequent new season.


As with typical Destiny 2 releases, The Witch Queen will not be available until after the Destiny servers have been updated. This means that the game will be down for a bit before the new content will be up and running. Fortunately, for fans who are eagerly awaiting the expansion, there is some new information about the available collectibles that are sure to be a pleasant surprise.

Reddit user “Such-Opportunity” recently posted two links to the Destiny community which showcases seals from The Witch Queen. Both of the seals are themed around the brand-new location in The Witch Queen addition, Savathun’s Throne World. The logo of the new expansion is prominently featured, and the collectables seem to evoke the mystery that’s going to come from Savathun’s deceitful realm.

Of course, the seals are only one portion of the content that is going to come with The Witch Queen. Players have also been looking forward to features like Void 3.0 and, for the first time ever, weapon crafting in Destiny. The campaign within the expansion will also see players going against enemies that are wielding the light, something that guardians haven’t before had to face. In the main story of Destiny 2, Gual took the Light away from players but did not use it against them. Somehow, Savathun has used her powers to do what he could not.

Indeed, Savathun has been present in the previous few seasons, preparing players for what is to come. And, even though there are many fans who are thrilled to get their hands on the new story, players shouldn’t expect to finish The Witch Queen campaign in one day, especially not on legendary difficulty. The quest line looks as though it will be more substantial than others that have appeared in Destiny 2, a prospect which has made dedicated fans excited about the content. No matter how long the story is, though, players can look forward to finally confronting Savathun for using her treacherous powers to disrupt the Tower.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen releases on February 22 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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