New Action-RPG Superfuse Combines Diablo and Invincible

Superfuse allows players to take on the role of super-powered space cops working for corrupt corporate overlords in a new hack-and-slash action RPG.

Dark superhero stories seem to be all the rage nowadays. Even the gritty Matt Reeves version of The Batman may not have been enough for superhero fans that wanted to see the guts and gore that comes with some modern superhero shows like Invincible and The Boys. With the success of shows that twist the traditional idea of a superhero on its head or show what the world would be like with evil superheroes, it seemed only a matter of time before a video game sought to accomplish a similar idea. Now, developer Stitch Heads has shown the first look at upcoming action RPG Superfuse.


Players join as an “Enforcer” in the world of Superfuse, working for “corporate gods” after humanity diminished the earth’s resources to a point that the planet was no longer inhabitable. The majority of humanity struggles to survive, while the ultra-wealthy have only furthered their positions at the peak of society, creating the “Enforcers” as protectors against a force of weird alien monsters known as “the Corruption.” Considering the focus on superheroes who are basically corporate assets, Superfuse does seem heavily influenced by the universe of The Boys, except with much more of a sci-fi theme.

The gameplay of Stitch Heads’ upcoming indie game features an isometric perspective, similar to Blizzard’s Diablo series. Players get a choice from a number of classes and will have control over what kind of corrupt superhero they want to make, with character creation and customization options that give the player a large amount of skill combinations. Superfuse will allow for a four-player co-op mode as well as a single-player campaign.

There’s also the mention of loot by developer Stitch Heads, leading some to claim the game will look somewhat like a crossover between Borderlands and Diablo, with weapons, armor, and more that players can pick up in the course of their campaign. Superfuse may also be hiding some of its story twists in its Steam page and website. “Uncover a hidden conspiracy among the echelons of humanity,” reads Superfuse’s website, implying that although the player starts out as a servant of the “corporate gods,” they may not end their run on that side. This may appeal to players who want to become the more traditional idea of a superhero during their playthrough.

Though Superfuse has only just released its first official trailer, gamers may not have to wait too long to get their own fight against corruption going. Superfuse aims to launch on Steam’s Early Access later this year, though as is the case with many Early Access titles, purchasing the game before it’s fully ready will likely come with some issues that the final release won’t have.

Superfuse is currently in development and will release on Steam Early Access later in 2022.

Source: Gamerant

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