Neat The Last of Us Map Shows Every Point of Interest in The Series


  • A devoted fan has meticulously mapped out all the interesting locations in The Last of Us, which is a delight for players who enjoy recognizable settings.
  • The fan-made map offers intriguing speculation for The Last of Us 3, hinting at possible unexplored territories and leaving room for players’ theories to flourish. The future of the series remains unconfirmed by the developers.

One huge The Last of Us fan has taken the time to map out all the interesting locations that can be found in the series. The game is a treasure trove for players who enjoy seeing recognizable places, especially because The Last of Us places itself in the United States of America, albeit an alternate version. Though the developers take some liberties with the post-apocalyptic setting, the in-game world provides an impressive explorative journey.

Naughty Dog has crafted a wonderful series that takes eerily familiar locales and gives them a post-apocalyptic treatment while providing players with something new to discover at nearly every turn. The gripping story, partnered with the grounded characters, helps gamers get more invested in the setting. In fact, other fans have noticed how the evolving locations and venues run side-by-side with Ellie’s coming-of-age story in The Last of Us.

Reddit user InternationalWafer74 has taken it upon themselves to map out all the points of interest on an actual visual layout. The map lists every faction, community, quarantine zone, and base in The Last of Us. It also lists out the current statuses of each settlement, with a lot currently classified as “fallen.” Some are even represented by which important characters can be found in the said location. The fan has invested a lot of time in ensuring the accuracy of the map. Some players from the comments section have pointed out that there might have been more places left uncharted, though overall, the map is a solid representation of the series’ world.

One interesting comment by user TheRocketMan points out that based on the map, fans could assume where The Last of Us 3 could take place. They say that there’s a high possibility that it’s a location that is yet to be visited in-game, although some fans also mentioned that the devs could easily just take the story back to Atlanta since it has been confirmed to now be a manufacturing zone. Clearly, the map has given fans a chance to pursue their own theories.

Naughty Dog may have already started on The Last of Us 3, although it has not yet been confirmed. As such, there is no word from the developers on whether the story would even include the same characters or take place in the same country. With The Last of Us‘ multiplayer spin-off supposedly put on ice, the future of the franchise is unclear.

The Last of Us Part 1 is available on PC and PlayStation 5.

Source: Gamerant

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