Myth Has Left TSM

Team SoloMid Esports and popular Twitch streamer Myth confirm Myth’s decision not to re-sign with the organization in a new update video.

Popular Twitch streamer Myth and the Team SoloMid Esports organization have officially announced Myth’s departure from the team. Myth stated that he’ll be stepping away from TSM to work on his own streaming career while looking to branch out into other avenues beyond gaming.

TSM Esports and Twitch streamer Myth both confirmed on their social channels on December 28 that Myth is not re-signing with the organization. Myth went over some of the reasons why he’s leaving the team during an update video. Myth also talked about his time with TSM in the video, while brief clips showed the antics that he and other organization members got up to over the years.


Reflecting on his TSM memories from joining the organization to his departure date, Myth talked about forming the Fortnite team and going to the Fortnite content creation house in California to become one of the “most dominant content teams in the Fortnite space.” Myth also discussed his initial experience with applying to TSM and recruiting other members, such as CaMills and Hamlinz, and he lamented the fact that TSM no longer feels like a family to him.

Due to the departure of other members of TSM such as Leena and Bjergsen, Myth lost his “family feel” for the esports organization, and that’s the primary reason he has decided not to re-sign. Myth also stated during his final TSM video that he didn’t feel he was being utilized by TSM in an efficient manner and that he’s wanted to do more content with the team despite being excluded from recent videos. “I want to be a part of bigger ideas, and I want to be a part of their content and what they’re making and I want to try to put myself in uncomfortable positions,” said Myth as he further explained his primary reason for leaving TSM.

Although less of his retirement from TSM has to do with his own Twitch livestream, Myth said that he’s interested in finding himself as a content creator after leaving the organization. Myth is typically playing Valorant on his Twitch livestreams, but he wants to go in a different direction where he can “find himself in the scene” in order to see what he truly likes doing. According to Myth, the last eighteen years of his life have predominantly been spent gaming, and he’s looking to explore different things using Twitch as a platform to bring his audience on a journey.

Despite his objections to the direction TSM is going, the esports organization has wished Myth all the best in the future. The team also looked back on Myth’s initial Fortnite streaming to becoming “an incredibly talented and well-rounded content creator.” TSM also thanked the popular Twitch streamer for his work with the organization over the past three years, while Myth thanked the team for allowing him to be open and honest in the announcement video as he often is during Twitch livestreams.

Source: Gamerant

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