MultiVersus Planning ‘Big Overhaul’ of Hitbox/Hurtbox System

MultiVersus is currently in its Open Beta and despite its initial popularity, few players would argue there are still some substantial improvements necessary before it fully launches. Player First Games is currently hard at work quashing a number of significant bugs and issues with MultiVersus, as well as trying to settle ongoing server and rollback netcode problems. Few would expect Player First Games’ next effort, however. It’s now confirmed that a “big overhaul” is planned for MultiVersus‘ hitbox/hurtbox system.


The confirmation comes from MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh, who has been very active on Twitter responding to feedback and support issues since the Open Beta began. Huynh is responding to a question from a fan about Finn regarding the Adventure Time character’s attack priority. Basically, it’s about the way Finn’s attacks seem to hit through other players’ attacks. Huynh explains that instead of making big Finn changes now, Player First Games wants to address the broader issue of MultiVersus‘ hitboxes and hurtboxes first.

Hitboxes and hurtboxes have been a major topic within the MultiVersus community for some time, and also a source of much confusion. Many players associate the issue with a mechanic often referred to as “Priority,” which in games like the Super Smash Bros. franchise works as a sort of rock/scissors/paper system where some attacks beat others. The general belief, however, is that MultiVersus doesn’t have a Priority system. Instead, it relies entirely on the size of hitboxes and hurtboxes.

In other words, instead of certain types of attacks always defeating another type, the only deciding factor for damage in MultiVersus is whose hitbox (the field of a character that does damage) intersects with their opponent’s hurtbox (the field of a character that receives damage) first. Finn is frequently criticized for having hurtboxes so large that it feels like he has priority over his opponents. He may be a focus for that criticism, but frustrating hitboxes and hurtboxes are a major source of balance concerns across the entire roster.

What Huynh, unfortunately, doesn’t make clear is what kind of “overhaul” is planned for the hitbox/hurtbox system in MultiVersus. The team could go back to the drawing board and implement a Priority system. The development team may not want to be too similar to Super Smash Bros., however, and will instead preserve the current hitbox/hurtbox system but with significant changes to MultiVersus‘ roster. Or there may be a middle ground somewhere between.

Huynh calling this a “big overhaul” could be quite the understatement depending on what Player First Games decided to do with MultiVersus. The implementation of a Priority system would dramatically change MultiVersus‘ gameplay. That could be worth it long-term, though. Luckily, MultiVersus remains in Open Beta. Now’s the time to make changes that could make MultiVersus a better game.

MultiVersus is available in Open Beta on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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