MrBeast Video Delayed by Joe Biden

The popular content creator known as MrBeast has his filming schedule interrupted by President Joe Biden in an unexpected way.

MrBeast, one of the most popular content creators on YouTube, had one of his recent video attempts put on hold thanks to none other than President Joe Biden. In a strange turn of events, the YouTube star probably didn’t expect that filming for his channel would be squashed by the United States President.

As one of the largest creators on YouTube, MrBeast has done everything from creating his own burger chain to offering himself as the new CEO of Twitter. Through the years he’s swiftly grown in popularity, constantly breaking records on the video sharing platform. Known for his outrageous and expensive videos, like recreating Squid Game in real life, MrBeast always seems to have his sites set on bigger and better content for his viewers. However, it’s unlikely that he expected that content to get so large that the President of the United States would be getting in the way of his content production.


Despite his incredible self-made career and success, not even MrBeast’s day goes according to plan sometimes. In a recent tweet, he admitted to his fans that he had recently attempted to film a video using his blimp. However, the filming plans had to be stopped once President Biden landed at the airport where the blimp was being kept, causing Secret Service to ground all flights, blimp included. With MrBeast having discussed a potential presidential run in the past, it’s a little ironic that his filming was interrupted by the actual President.

Even though the President’s arrival ruined filming plans for the day, MrBeast ended the tweet jokingly asking why his life was so hard. Following the MrBeast’s record-breaking year, he has grown to the point where he has to worry about the leader of a country interrupting his schedule. Being his most recent tweet, there haven’t been any updates yet on if he’s been able to access his blimp since Biden’s landing.

From Fortnite collaborations to staying in a million dollar hotel, MrBeast’s first world problems are still much larger than the average person. Even MrBeast himself probably never expected that his plans would be foiled by a world leader. Since his small beginnings on YouTube, he has truly made something impressive with his channel and has successfully gained the attention and subscriptions of many of the site’s users. It’s almost impossible to think of what it’s like to have a world leader mess up your daily tasks, but MrBeast has paved a path that has allowed him to have the most unexpected of inconveniences.

Source: Gamerant

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