Morrowind Modder Added the Family Cat to the Game so the Kids Could Play

For many gamers, Morrowind is the title that introduced them to The Elder Scrolls saga and epic open-world RPGs in general. Though Morrowind recently turned 20 years old, Bethesda’s classic title still has a lot to offer gamers, and its modding community is still almost as active as ever.

Many Elder Scrolls fans consider Morrowind to be the best open world Bethesda game, surpassing even Oblivion and ubiquitous Skyrim. And to keep the aging title from falling too far behind its younger siblings, there are a number of mods to add a bit of polish to the game. The robust Rebirth mod, for example, completely overhauls Morrowind’s graphics, rebalances the difficulty, reworks many regions and cities, and even adds over 20 creatures and hundreds of new spells and equipment.


Some Morrowind mods, on the other hand, are much more simplistic but also just as important. A modder going by the name NoUsernamesNotTaken on Nexus Mods recently uploaded an add-on for the game called simply “Stripes the Cat.” The description is equally straightforward and explains that the mod was created when NoUsernamesNotTaken’s children were little. Apparently, they were “terrified” of the mudcrabs in Morrowind, and so the family cat was added to the game to keep them company.

Stripes is not an average housecat, though. The feline accompanies the player on their adventures through Morrowind, collecting static electricity in his fur along the way. Any hostiles approaching will face the wrath of Stripes, who attacks with a shocking touch. Presumably, NoUsernamesNotTaken has bestowed the cat with the Shock Damage spell, which is in the Destruction school of magic and creates bolts of lightning. In addition to being a deadly and electrifying companion, Stripes can be ordered to stay, play, or follow the player.

It’s little wonder that NoUsernamesNotTaken’s kids were frightened by the mudcrabs in Morrowind. They are extremely large crustaceans in The Elder Scrolls universe and can be a bit intimidating when first encountered, although they are generally non-aggressive. They also tend to hang out in groups, which could be alarming to players who aren’t familiar with their docile nature. Other people are fond of the critters, however, and there is even a Morrowind mod called Mudcrab Replacer that polishes them up with a new model and textures.

In order to use the Stripes the Cat mod for Morrowind, players must also install the Companionable Cats mod created by Emma, which is also available on Nexus Mods. This fun mod adds nine cats and kittens to the Elder Scrolls game, which can be summoned with the use of two rings. Players can interact with the felines, feed them, and children and some companions will comment on their presence.

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind is available on PC and the original Xbox.

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Source: Gamerant

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