Morrowind Mod Allows Players to Unleash Their Inner Bob Ross

It’s now possible for Morrowind players to become a true artist in the classic Bethesda RPG with a mod that implements painting mechanics.

It’s time to get out those paintbrushes and easels, as a mod for Morrowind allows players to become a true artist, immortalizing the landscape of this slice of Tamriel for eternity. As an Elder Scrolls title, the 2002 game is known for its hard fantasy approach to the RPG genre, to such an extent that newcomers who have only played Skyrim or Oblivion may be put off by it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, as it’s a beloved entry in the long-running series.


At the time of release, Morrowind was noteworthy for its gorgeous locations. Its unique landscape helped set it apart from other fantasy games at the time, and to this day, it has a distinctive style that makes it stand out from its successors. Of course, it has aged over the years, and without the inclusion of custom mods, the visuals are obviously dated, which again could put some people off who didn’t play the game when it first came out. But there is a way for those who fondly remember the title to recapture that lost beauty.

As spotted by PC Gamer, a GitHub user called Merlord has released “Joy of Painting,” a mod for Morrowind that allows players to unleash their inner Bob Ross. A video posted to YouTube shows the modification in action, with the player setting up and easel and getting out a piece of parchment. Once they activate the items, the screen becomes black and white, not too dissimilar to a charcoal drawing. They then turn to a nearby NPC as though they’re taking a picture, and by adjusting some settings and clicking the Paint button, the image is transferred to the parchment to capture the moment. The mod is currently in alpha but is available to download. Merlord even says it’s possible for players to sell their paintings in the game or display them in a frame.

If there’s one thing that can be said about Elder Scrolls games, it’s that they are often highly regarded in terms of their graphics. They do become dated as the years go by, but at the point of release, fans are often wowed by how beautiful they look. Given that it’s possible to get Morrowind to run with Nvidia RTX, the two-decade-old RPG can still look quite pretty even in this modern gaming era.

Last year, Morrowind turned 20, and this recent mod shows that fans are still sticking around. Bethesda may be slowly trundling forward with the next installment in the Elder Scrolls series, but there will always be those who will happily return to the classics, aged graphics or not.

Morrowind released in 2002 for PC and the original Xbox.

Source: PC Gamer, GitHub

Source: Gamerant

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