Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Teases New Palamute Feature

Capcom posts a cute teaser video that hints of a new Palamute feature that players can look forward to in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

The launch of Capcom’s massive expansion Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is just around the corner. Player excitement is likely at an all-time high, especially since a lot of new information and gameplay details were shared in the most recent Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak trailer. And Capcom continues to reveal more of the update’s new features through its social media channels, recently posting a video that teases a new Palamute feature in Sunbreak.

Capcom seems to be right in calling Sunbreak a massive expansion, considering all the new content it will be adding into the game. Players get to explore new territory around the Elgado Outpost, venture back into the returning Jungle map, and even get to go out on hunts with their favorite NPCs through Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak‘s Follower Quests. What’s more, Capcom has promised that a lot more content will be made available after the expansion’s launch which will include new monsters, quests, and maps.


On the official Twitter account, the team posted an incredibly cute video that had Palico and Palamute puppets infiltrating the real-world headquarters of Capcom. The goal of the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak hunting companions was to see if they could find new secrets regarding the upcoming expansion. Towards the end of the video, the puppets were successful in finding a confidential document titled “Palamute Pouch.” However, before they could reveal any details about this feature, the puppets were caught and reprimanded by Sunbreak Director Yoshitake Suzuki.

Information about the Palamute Pouch has not been blatantly revealed or talked about in any official campaign materials until now. However, the game’s community seems to have already discovered the feature. Replies on the Twitter post stated that the Palamute Pouch can actually be seen and utilized in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo, which is available for download now. According to the community, the feature adds another row of inventory space that lets players store more gathered items when their main bag is already full.

With just a few days left until the release of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, fans do not have to wait long to finally experience all the exciting new features for themselves. Avid players are likely raring to hunt all the new and returning monsters, whose move sets have probably been refreshed and optimized for the expansion. And with Capcom already providing a roadmap for its upcoming free title updates, the community will have a lot of activities to look forward to months after the game has been launched.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now for PC and Switch, and Sunbreak will release on June 30.

Source: Gamerant

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