Monster Hunter Rise Adds Origin Layered Armor Set

Capcom releases the layered armor version of the classic Origin gear set for Monster Hunter Rise with a new event quest.

Armor sets are a large part of the Monster Hunter franchise, with several pieces of layered armor becoming a status symbol for players in Monster Hunter Rise. So, whenever Capcom announces a new layered armor set coming to Monster Hunter Rise, fans quickly flock to earn the gear and see how they can mix and match it for the perfect outfit.

In the case of the layered armors in Monster Hunter Rise, this is referring to the gear sets that will change a player’s appearance without changing their defensive stats or skill sets. This can often make acquiring the layered gear more important for players who already have a preferred set of armor skills, but might want to change up their look after a few dozen hours of gameplay.


The new armor that Capcom has announced is for the Origin set, a classic outfit that has appeared several times throughout the series and originally comes from the very first Monster Hunter title. Fortunately for Monster Hunter Rise players, this version of the Origin set is available through an event quest titled A Good Old-Fashioned Rampage instead of as a pre-order bonus like it was in Monster Hunter World. This quest can be picked up now through Senri the Mailman, the felyne NPC who allows players to access online activities like events and multiplayer lobbies.

Alongside the event quest that gives out the Origin set, Capcom is also giving players a new Guild Provisions drop, which grants players free materials like heavy armor spheres and lazurite jewels. The armor spheres will definitely be helpful for players looking to take on the new event quest, as it comes in the form of a Rampage quest that pits the player against a Rathalos and a Zinogre with other smaller monsters sprinkled throughout. Interestingly, the quest also rewards players with other top prizes like level 9 defender tickets that usually appear with the most difficult Rampage quests that include Monster Hunter Rise‘s powerful Apex monsters.

At this point in the lifetime of Monster Hunter Rise, layered armor might be better for longtime fans than the regular gear that affects stats and offers new skills. Considering that most early players already have Monster Hunter Rise‘s best builds put together, not many new armor sets are going to be able to alter the meta enough to replace what they already have. Additionally, keeping new gear to layered sets might be best for new players as well, so as not to overload anyone joining late with so many options for how to make a proper build.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now for PC and Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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