Modern Warfare 2 Players Want It To Copy The Division’s Weapon Modding UI

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 fans are asking the developer, Infinity Ward, for more insight into specific weapon statistics, and they feel that the game should take cue from the way The Division games handle these systems. Whereas the core meta of the new Modern Warfare 2 seems to be reasonably well-balanced at this time, there are many problems with the current iteration of the game, its user interface being at the forefront of them.

Not only does Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 have a user interface that looks like it’s been designed for mobile phones first and foremost, but it’s also problematic due to hiding information from the player. In lieu of hard numbers, the game uses obfuscated wording that isn’t overly clear on what specific attachments might be doing, making Gunsmith 2.0 a somewhat frustrating feature to deal with.


Looking for viable alternatives that Infinity Ward might want to look into, Reddit user Stuf404 chose Ubisoft’s live-service looter-shooter, The Division 2. Players can customize weapons in The Division 2 using a variety of different features and systems, each of which comes with its own in-depth interfaces and statistical breakdowns. In comparison, Modern Warfare 2‘s own Gunsmith 2.0 offers plenty of unique attachment options, but only minimal information on what effect they have on weapon handling and other crucial stats.

Though Modern Warfare 2‘s Gunsmith 2.0 certainly provides a far more substantial list of attachments than 2019’s Modern Warfare had, Stuf404 and a fair number of other players believe that Infinity Ward should’ve made the feature far more insightful. Having access to a great array of options is, after all, not all that impressive if it’s not clear to the player what effect each option might have.

In fact, some players have noted that, even though Modern Warfare 2 lets you create niche weapons if you want to do so, the statistical breakdown appears to have been downgraded from the previous Call of Duty games. Both Cold War and Vanguard provided the player with numerical comparisons when switching attachments, which is not visible in Modern Warfare 2. In the interim, Infinity Ward has added a variety of confusing statistics to the mix, such as recoil smoothness, recoil stabilization, recoil steadiness, and a variety of others, and even though attachments interact with these features, the game neither explains what they are nor shows the player how, exactly, they might be changing.

Of course, there are other problems for Infinity Ward to contend with, too. Namely, Modern Warfare 2‘s Weapon Tuning was disabled due to it causing crashes, even though the game is still prone to regular and seemingly random crashes across all platforms.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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