Mod for Classic Doom Will Turn Enemies From 2D Sprites to 3D Voxels

Not many people would have anticipated that almost 30 years after being released, the community would still be making mods for the original Doom.

The Doom series seems to be going from strength to strength since the 2016 reboot and 2020 follow-up. With id Software currently looking to start its next project, it’s possible that the influential FPS is not done by a long shot, if that is what the studio will be working on. Despite being nearly 30 years old, the original 1993 release is still played by many to this day, and there are also more than enough people in the community keeping it in the limelight through mods.


In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, modder Chello showed their work on a project that changes a key aspect of the first Doom game. It becomes pretty clear early on in the footage that this mod turns the enemies and objects in the world from 2D sprites into 3D voxels. This means that they will no longer be flat and instead will look a bit more modern, though without compromising the overall look of the classic shooter. Some additional uploads on Chello’s Twitter page really show off the work that’s being put into the mod.

Currently, there is no release date for “Doom Voxel,” but the brief video is impressive so far. There are some really interesting mods for the game out there already, including ones that implement a modern visual polish to classic Doom and help breathe new life into the retro title. However, this one is pretty special for being able to turn enemies into three-dimensional objects. The fact that the player can walk around the corpse of an Imp or the Cyberdemon and see parts of an enemy’s body that were never seen in the original means that Chello had to create these voxels from scratch, imagining what the back of a monster torso would look like.

As a classic run and gun FPS game, Doom is not just a beloved shooter from a bygone era, but something that still seems to hold up even in this day and age. Of course, the technology has moved on significantly since the early days, and the newer installments have been highly praised. But the first two entries helped shape the genre, influencing many other games since.

Given that ex-id Software developer John Romero is still creating maps for Doom, the series is clearly something that won’t be left behind any time soon. This upcoming mod is proof that there is still love to be given, and it will be interesting to see the full thing once it gets released.

Doom was originally released in December 1993 for multiple platforms and has been ported to many systems over the years.

Source: DSO Gaming, Twitter

Source: Gamerant

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