MLB The Show 22 Player Highlights Lack Of Achievement Celebration

Winning championships and personal awards should be an amazing feeling, but one player points out how impersonal MLB The Show 22 treats these moments.

From building a player up and making the big leagues to engaging in online competition with custom-built rosters, MLB The Show 22 has something for every type of player. San Diego Studio worked diligently to provide one of the most immersive sports experiences and did well with MLB The Show 22‘s release in April.

Enhanced gaming mechanics and the introduction of a new commentary team were much-needed changes to the baseball franchise, though some were revered more than others. With MLB The Show 22‘s debut on the Nintendo Switch, a lot was riding on its success and heavy expectations awaiting its release.


The reception of the game was mixed, with those loving the game singing its praises while its biggest detractors pointed out every last bug and problem the game suffered from. Most MLB The Show 22 reviews rated the game a success but highlighted several issues and shortcomings that held it back from a perfect score. Reddit user Ernest_Hemingay highlights their gripes when it comes to the game’s career mode, and the subject of the discussion soared up the MLB The Show subreddit’s ranks to the top in a matter of days. The discussion hit over 1,500 upvotes in less than one week, and over 100 comments jumped in to share their own experiences and air out their grievances.

Highlighted in the image provided, Ernest_Hemingay sarcastically points out their player sitting alone in the team locker room after the team recorded its 110th victory, and their player captured both the Triple Crown and Most Valuable Player. Such an accomplishment would call for a major post-game celebration complete with champagne and more than one person. Unfortunately, the MVP of the league is left on his own, seated on a couch, with just his cellular phone to keep him company. It’s not like any other bug found in MLB The Show 22, but it’s a personal touch that is missing in the game that disassociates players from the experience of baseball.

User Zalym chimed in on the topic with personal experiences ranging from personal accomplishments receiving little recognition to little difference between a rookie and a veteran being traded to a new team. While being called up in Road To The Show should be a momentous occasion, the transition of the player sitting on a couch with his phone in hand is a direct disconnect to what should feel like a big moment. While San Diego Studio delivered, providing improvements to the in-game experience and the enjoyable changes to pitching and catching, a fraction of the attention going to details like these moments would have gone a long way to alleviate these concerns.

MLB The Show 22 is available on PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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