Minecraft Trick Helps Players Completely Avoid Taking Fall Damage

There are many tips and tricks to getting by in the expansive world of Minecraft, and now a fan shows a method of mitigating fall damage using carpet.

From its humble beginnings as an independently-developed title that started more than ten years ago, Minecraft is a game that simply keeps growing. From the latest Caves and Cliffs: part two update, to a dedicated modding community constantly improving and adding to the world, to fans discovering new tricks, the hugely successful open world sandbox seems to be a source of endless discovery and fun. Now, one fan has discovered a neat trick that can help players out when it comes to leaping from great heights.


Uploading a short clip to the Minecraft Subreddit recently, user pqroxysm has found a somewhat unique way of mitigating fall damage, experimenting a couple of times to show the effect. The trick involves placing a tile of carpet on top of snow. In the video, the player jumps from a high platform onto a block of snow which is next to another block that has a blue piece of carpet on it. They then repeat the process, only this time landing on the carpet itself. Both result in no fall damage. They then do a third jump, aiming onto the ground itself, which kills them instantly. Presumably this was the control test to show that fall damage was indeed still active.

This has practical applications for those who are making tall structures or are similarly finding that they need to build upwards. By placing snow with carpet on top at the base of whatever’s being built, players have essentially a crash mat should anything happen. There’s also another method of preventing fall damage, which many players are perhaps already aware of. During a fall, it’s possible to place water under the player in Minecraft, which, if timed right, will prevent a nasty death by having an ad-hoc layer of water to cushion the impact.

After all these years, it’s interesting that players are still discovering new things about the game. There are many tips and tricks in Minecraft, many of which provide some means of helping people survive for longer in the world, especially on some of the more difficult settings.

As a game with near-infinite replayability, it’s not surprising that the Mojang-created title is still going strong, and has been since it launched in 2011. As long as the studio continues to update it in significant ways, and players continue to uncover new tactics and tricks, it’s not hard to imagine that Minecraft will continue to be enjoyed by fans for many more years.

Minecraft was released on November 18, 2011, and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and many other platforms.

Source: Gamerant

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