Minecraft Player Recreates Zombie Chase With Amazing Stop-Motion Animation

Using LEGOs and a camera, a Minecraft fan creates a stop-motion chase between a zombie and a character that ends Looney Tunes style.

Due to its massive success, over time Minecraft has seen merchandise of all kinds made; from mobs to characters to locations, the game has seen a ton of merch lines made in its likeness. Minecraft t-shirts can be found in many chain stores, as can toys and other products.

Perhaps one of the most notable of these deals is with the LEGO company; for those who don’t know, LEGOs are toys, typically in block form, that stick together in order for users to create structures or other creations. However, over time LEGO has expanded into other territories much like Minecraft‘s merchandise; for example, the most recent case would be the hilarious LEGO Star Wars: Skywalker Saga, the latest in a line of LEGO video games.


Since both LEGO and Minecraft were block-based creative outlets, it was a natural pairing when the two decided to create LEGO sets together. Players also agreed with the partnership, including one player who created a Minecraft mod that swaps mobs with LEGOs. Other players have called for LEGO to create their own game to rival Minecraft in terms of popularity, but with the deal in place the odds of this are quite unlikely. Recently, another Minecraft fan used a LEGO Minecraft set and their camera to create an incredible animation.

Reddit user EdgarDruin decided to combine their creativity with their camera skills to design a stop-motion animation creation. The end result was a zombie chasing a character over moving terrain until the player leads the zombie to a red “X” on the ground. The player then turns to look upon their master plan as it unfolds; the zombie looks up just in time to see an anvil hurtling down upon its head. The title as well as the anvil also seem to be a reference to one of the Looney Tunes‘ best cartoons: The Road Runner Show.

Reddit users were blown away by the quality of the animation as well as EdgarDruin’s creativity. One user commented that it was an incredible stop motion video, and that they especially loved that it was a looped animation. Another user commented that the animation references another show through the character running, noting they are performing the “Naruto run.” Yet another user said the stop-motion was so good it made them want to buy the LEGO set.

With users loving the stop-motion, perhaps Mojang should collaborate with EdgarDruin for advertisements in the future; maybe they could even bring forth the return of a LEGO Harry Potter series. Until then, fans will have to wait on EdgarDruin’s next masterpiece.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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