Minecraft Player Recreates Flappy Bird Using Redstone

While a short-lived mobile game, Flappy Bird was an overnight success before being removed from sale, and a Minecraft user decides to bring it back.

By now, so many people have played Minecraft that it barely warrants an introduction. As a video game that players can sink hundreds of hours into, it’s still enjoyed by millions after more than ten years, and its status as one of the most successful gaming IPs cannot be understated. What attests to this popularity is the way the game allows fans to create pretty much whatever they can imagine, and sometimes these projects can even incorporate other franchises.


In a recent clip uploaded to Reddit, Minecraft user mattbatwings2 has managed to use the game’s powerful Redstone feature to essentially create a game-within-a-game. Specifically, they’ve made their own version of Flappy Bird, the hit mobile game from 2013 that became a global phenomenon practically overnight. While it’s a rudimentary recreation, it still typifies what the Android and iOS release was known for back when it was still available.

While the game was officially discontinued in 2014, Flappy Bird has enjoyed a sort of resurgence through MacOS, specifically being placed entirely inside a push notification. The original creator, Dong Nguyen, became a huge success in the mobile gaming market, and the game caught people’s attention with its “endless run” gameplay, simplistic control scheme, and addictive properties. Those who played Flappy Bird back in the day will no doubt recall just how easy it was to get hooked on that little yellow bird bouncing through the air and avoiding green pipes.

Not only did Flappy Bird enjoy a successful, albeit brief, launch, it was also a game that spawned numerous clones. Titles like Tappy Chicken, which was surprisingly released by Epic Games, were seemingly an attempt to cash in on the huge popularity of Nguyen’s concept. Epic’s own version released in 2014 for Android and iOS. The fact that this clone, along with others, was launched after Flappy Bird, shows just how much of an impact the game had on the mobile market, with developers hoping to capitalize on this “lightning in a bottle” scenario. Nguyen removed the game from all platforms in February 2014. While no official reason was given, many suspect the pressures of overnight fame could have been a factor.

That aside, mattbatwings2’s creation not only shows that Flappy Bird is still within public discourse in some form or another, but it also shows the power of Minecraft‘s Redstone technology. It seems as though there is no end to what fans can create using the red bits of circuitry, and the fact that it’s possible to create a whole game within Mojang’s IP is just one of multiple reasons why the game has been a huge hit for the last decade or so.

Minecraft is available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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