Minecraft Player Makes Incredible Medieval City in Game

A Minecraft player posts a clip showcasing their server’s crowning achievement: a massive and incredibly detailed medieval city.

Being hailed by many gamers as the pinnacle of sandbox/survival games, Minecraft has been a long-running titan of the gaming industry. Whether Minecraft‘s success is due to its amazing cooperative experience, the ability to be as creative as one wants, or some combination of the two is anyone’s guess, but regardless, the game has stood the test of time as well as evolved over the years.

Minecraft also had the distinct advantage of becoming popular while social media became mainstream, allowing not only for more marketing but also allowed players to share their servers and creations instantly. This immediately lead to players vying for popularity, posting incredibly creative builds like a complex Minecraft ice boat racetrack.


However, while some creations are recognized for their creativity or ingenuity, some creations are congratulated for beauty and the sheer effort required to execute them. One example of this would be a Minecraft version of Mario Kart‘s Coconut Mall, showing a player’s dedication to detail and crafting. In the same vein, Reddit user Aurelien_Sama posted a video displaying a creation that must be seen rather than described.

The creation, which is a medieval city built on a massive scale, is a titanic series of structures that are also unbelievably detailed. Directly comparable to the Minecraft recreation of Skyrim‘s Solitude city, Aurelien_Sama’s server city was created entirely from scratch without a direct point of reference, meaning the medieval city is entirely unique. Delving into the detail, one can see smoke coming from chimneys, multiple different blocks on each building to give a more realistic look, a huge harbor with boats docked and sailing, and not a single empty space or out-of-place building to be seen.

Perhaps just as impressive as the attention to detail is the sheer scale of the medieval city. Each structure serves as a comparison for another part of the city, with small houses standing out next to high walls and larger buildings. When the camera pans out to display the entire city, it may take one’s breath away as their eyes notice houses that look like small huts when compared to watch towers, while the massive towers themselves are dwarfed by an enormous castle keep; the keep itself towers over the nearby mountains, perhaps even rivaling the height of the Minecraft recreation of Landmark 81, the tallest building in Vietnam.

Whether it’s breathtaking structures, mind boggling Redstone creations, or a fan-made Minecraft cutscene, players continue to push the envelope of gaming’s most prolific sandbox. As for Aurelien_Sama and their server, they should be proud of their creation, as many users believe it to be one of the best medieval creations posted on Minecraft Reddit.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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