Minecraft Player Creates the Earth in Survival Mode


  • One dedicated Minecraft player has recreated Earth in the game’s survival mode, showcasing impressive attention to detail and scale.
  • The recreation features six out of seven continents, with Antarctica left out due to the challenges of accurately replicating its stretched-out appearance.
  • The creator used different colored blocks and included small islands and flags of different countries to enhance the realism of the build. The project took 40 days to complete and has gained popularity on social media platforms.

One industrious Minecraft player has finished a massive challenge: recreating the Earth in the game’s survival mode. While gamers build all sorts of things in Minecraft, creating a detailed version of Earth’s continents is a massive undertaking.

Minecraft is a game that allows fans to play how they want. Many players have used this freedom to build impressive creations in the game’s procedurally generated worlds. Over the last decade, creative fans have made everything from replicas of national monuments to huge Mediterranean islands in Minecraft. One player recently took things even further.

A YouTuber known as FoundInMN has revealed their impressive recreation of Earth made in the game’s survival mode. In a video uploaded to their channel, they showcased the impressive scope of the build, noting that the scale was 1:23,000. FoundInMN managed to recreate six of the seven of Earth’s continents. For those wondering about Antarctica, they explained that creating the icy landmass would have been too much of a hassle due to its stretched-out appearance on the world map, which would require an immense amount of resources. Despite lacking Antarctica, the creation still looked incredible. The creator used different colored blocks to replicate the various shades of deserts, jungles, and other regions of the world. Furthermore, FoundInMN included many smaller details in the Earth’s design, such as many small islands not connected to the landmasses and every country’s flag.

Beyond showing the finished design, the YouTube video featured a thorough step-by-step walkthrough of the creation process. The almost 20-minute video detailed the various steps of building the Earth, including making resource farms and adding a mob switch to prevent hostile mobs from spawning. Among the challenges, FoundInMN revealed that sleeping in-game was frustrating and finding the best method to make the landmasses was difficult. However, they eventually discovered that adding bricks color by color seemed the fastest method, along with using a mod that highlighted certain blocks. According to FoundInMN, their creation of the Earth in Minecraft took 40 days to complete.

Since completing the project, the build has gained traction on social media. In addition to the views on YouTube, FoundInMN shared images of their creation on Reddit, where it received over 9K upvotes in only a day. Among the many comments, some Minecraft fans noted the humongous scale of the project, while others complimented the creator on including the flags of their respective countries. In addition, this recreation of the planet reminded some of Build the Earth, a project working on building a 1:1 scale model of Earth.

With this incredible recreation of the Earth complete, it will be interesting to see what FoundInMN decides to do for their next project. Given the massive repertoire of blocks and items in Minecraft, FoundInMN should be able to accomplish whatever they set their mind to in the game.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: LostInMN_/Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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