Minecraft Player Comes Up With New Ladder Designs

A Minecraft player shares a whole assortment of new designs they came up with for the game’s ladder, each using different ingredients.

Minecraft continues to be updated since its release over a decade ago. These updates have been aimed at different things in the game, varying from adding in some new mobs to even altering entire landscapes. One thing that hasn’t seen much change, however, is the ladder in Minecraft. One player took it upon themselves to show what alternative designs for this useful item might look like if they were added in to the game.


This post was created by u/SmallBlueSlime and shows off a wide variety of potential ladder designs for the game. Judging from the looks of each design, the first few ladders to the right of the original design are what this item would look life if it were created with the different types of wood. The lighter wooden ladder is likely the design that would come from using Birch wood, to its right looks like the result of using Spruce wood, followed by Dark Oak, Jungle wood, and Acadia, respectively. Each type of wood brings a different look and adds quite a bit of variety to this common item. Aside from these, the purple and aquamarine ladder designs are likely created with Crimson and Warped Hyphae from the Nether dimension in Minecraft, respectively. The last two designs look as though they are likely created through using Iron Ingots and Chains.

For those interested in bringing these designs to their own Minecraft world this post is strictly just an artistic creation. Unfortunately, these particular looks aren’t attached to any mod to the game and those interested in adding them in have to look elsewhere. At the moment, mods and texture packs are the only way for players looking to add a new look to this item.

With so much of the game changed through Minecraft‘s Caves and Cliffs update, it does seem odd that the ladder didn’t experience any major adjustments. Especially considering how important they can be when it comes to traversing vertically and how much potential there is in recreating them.

Then again, there are other ways to get up and down in Minecraft. Vines, waterfalls, and even water buckets can do at least part of the job of a ladder in the game and are much more interesting. For now, this post is great inspiration for those modders looking to add in new looks to ladders in their game.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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