Minecraft Player Builds Detailed Recreation of The UK’s Houses of Parliament

There will always be ways for Minecraft players to show off their skills, which sometimes includes creating buildings of great political power.

In its more than ten year lifespan, Minecraft has managed to become a gaming leviathan that’s still pulling in millions of gamers to this day. As a game that encourages players to celebrate nature, Mojang’s open world IP inspires mindfulness, creativity, and the idea that simplistic visuals should not hamper a game’s success. Much of this popularity stems from the sheer volume of talented individuals who are more than keen to display their projects for the world to admire, and there are instances in which players will do accurate recreations of real-life structures.


Uploading a number of images to the Minecraft Subreddit recently, user inAflash_ has managed to build one of the most iconic buildings in the United Kingdom, the Houses of Parliament. A place of significant political power, it’s a landmark that is instantly recognizable to those who live in Great Britain, and the creator’s own interpretation of it is quite remarkable, with an extraordinary amount of detail. When asked if this was part of the “build the Earth” project, they simply said that this was a personal project of theirs.

Of course, it seems as though it would fit nicely among the group that’s currently recreating a 1:1 scale facsimile of the UK within Minecraft, which is the combined effort of nearly 3,000 players. In any case, the images that inAflash_ has shown demonstrates a remarkable talent in digitally creating this real world building. One user has suggested they now make a start on the interior, or at least an idea of what is publically understood to be the inside of the Houses of Parliament.

In general, it shows the kind of creative ideas that spring to mind and how, even in a game as blocky as this, it’s possible to create some really fascinating structures. It’s also possible to recreate entire games within it, as one YouTuber did recently when they created a horror version of Pac-Man in Minecraft. The talent pool that exists in the community is nowhere near running dry, it seems.

As a video game with near infinite replayability, Minecraft is not just a sprawling landscape where players have to survive each night. Ultimately, its success comes from the powerful tools and enormous play space offered to gamers that have enabled it to become the behemoth it is today. It’s almost unthinkable that there may come a time when people will stop talking about the game, but evidently that time is not now.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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