Minecraft Fan Recreates Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet in the Game

One dedicated Pac-Man fan recreates an incredibly detailed arcade cabinet in Minecraft that pays homage to the 1980s classic title.

One gamer has used Minecraft to re-create the iconic Pac-Man arcade machine. Mojang Studios’ blocky building simulator Minecraft has been a playground for gamers all across the world for over a decade, with various tie-ins to other franchises available as in-game DLC.

An official Pac-Man x Minecraft DLC pack has been available in the game since 2020 and was released to celebrate 40 years of the pill-chomping, ghost-chasing protagonist. This 3D map sees players chased by Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde as they try to escape a ginormous map. However, this is a modern take on the classic game, and one fan has decided to make a throwback to the arcade machine that started it all.


Over on Reddit a user by the name of Zestyclose-Trash-291 has posted their version of the classic 1980s Pac-Man arcade cabinet, complete with ghost decals adorning the sides as well as the iconic map in the center of the image. What makes this fan-made project more unique compared to similar undertakings is that players can head inside the machine and see the inner workings recreated in brilliant detail. Wires leading to various circuit boards can be seen throughout, and even details like the lights to illuminate the front banner have all been considered in this design.

Zestyclose’s design goes to prove that the popularity of Minecraft is still strong after all these years. Fans have taken to the sandbox to create a wide number of franchises instead of paying for the official DLC. Real-world items have also found their way into the virtual world, with one fan even building a rather large GameCube inside Minecraft.

For an almost infinite number of possibilities of what players can do in Minecraft, the game isn’t without its controversies. The game’s digital storefront the Minecraft Marketplace is a place where content creators can partner with Mojang to release bespoke items such as skins, texture packs, and custom worlds with any proceeds being split between the creator and publishers. Although Minecraft’s storefront received a recent update, players still remain unhappy that the game has slowly moved to a monetization model.

Despite this chink in Minecraft’s otherwise friendly and accessible nature, Mojang’s IP is still going from strength to strength. After nearly twelve years in gamers’ hands Minecraft is the top-selling game of all time, and thanks to regular content updates and a tight-knit community, the game continues to enjoy robust player numbers even to this day.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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