Minecraft Fan Has Excellent Suggestion For a New Biome


  • Minecraft players have suggested the addition of a Road biome, similar to rivers, to improve world generation and connectivity between biomes.
  • Adding roads as a separate biome would allow for more cohesive settlements, traveling merchants, and potential ambushes, enhancing gameplay and exploration.
  • While the upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update brings new features, such as Armadillos and Wolf Armor, roads would still be a valuable addition that Mojang should consider.

There is one Minecraft biome that could truly spice up world generation, as one player outlined a concept of how roads could pave the way for even better world generation. While Mojang continues to steadily add new content to the game, it has largely been content with the state of villages and outposts. As a result, the simplistic designs of its buildings have often been the subject of revamps, whether through a Minecraft mod or through a Creative Mode rebuild. Perhaps the most famous example of the latter is TrixyBlox’s Ultimate Survival World for Minecraft, where his map gave each biome’s village an ambitious, yet still vanilla-friendly makeover.

Though players are free to connect their builds via custom-made roads, the process can be cumbersome, and given that they don’t generate when creating a new Minecraft world, the aesthetic benefits far outweigh the gameplay ones. The community feels that a fair few Minecraft biomes could use an update, such as the Birch Forest or the Savanna, and being able to have pre-made roads would, at the very least, improve the experience for all biomes.


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The suggestion was put forward by Bus_Stop_Graffiti on the main Minecraft subreddit, where the idea of a Road biome was presented with a series of bullet points. While roads aren’t designed to be a standard biome, the concept paints them as being functionally similar to rivers in Minecraft. As such, these roads would be a dirt path around two to three blocks wide, and would connect certain biomes together. Classifying roads as a separate biome would enable some interesting functionality regarding world generation.

Namely, coding certain structures as being more likely to spawn near roads would create settled or abandoned areas with a high degree of cohesion, depending on the type of road and building variant used. A network of connected villages, traveling merchants, illager ambushes, overgrown paths – the possibilities are almost endless, and the best part is that it wouldn’t stray too far from the vanilla Minecraft experience. Roads would allow players to more easily engage with the wider world of their Minecraft server, and may even get Survival characters to deliberately build houses along the road as well.

The upcoming Minecraft 1.21 update brings the Armadillo to the game, as well as the new Wolf Armor made from Armadillo Scutes. Several new copper blocks (complete with an oxidation cycle) are also slated to make their debut in Version 1.21, and players will be able to find these variants in Trial Chambers, a midgame activity that tests their combat prowess. With such a packed update, it should keep Minecraft players content for a while. However, roads would nonetheless be a brilliant addition to the game that Mojang should consider.

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November 18, 2011



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