Minecraft Fan Creates Phenomenal 3D Rendition of Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Many believe that video games are an art form, and one Minecraft user takes that one step further by literally creating art in the game.

To many, Minecraft is more than just a game they use to unwind after a long day. It’s something that some people have pretty much grown up on, spending the last ten years or so engaged in its world. It may be one of the biggest games out there in terms of map size, but it’s not just a series of 1×1 blocks that form mountains, biomes, and landscapes. In many ways, the expansive domain that Mojang created is almost like a canvas.

That’s pretty much how user ChrisDaCow sees it, at least. As spotted by PC Gamer, the YouTuber and Minecraft fan decided to set themselves a real challenge of turning a section of the land and sky into a painting. More specifically, they wanted to do a three-dimensional recreation of Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night, originally painted in 1889. The video shows the complexity of the task, as not only did ChrisDaCow have to use blocks to accurately depict each shade of paint used in the original, but they also had to painstakingly “redraw” everything in the scene, which includes the clouds in the sky and the titular stars.


The end result is something to behold. While Minecraft is a great place to create artwork, often in the form of pixel art, ChrisDaCow’s 3D recreation of one of the world’s most recognized paintings is nothing short of spectacular. The final moments of the video show Van Gogh’s masterpiece, which then fades into the YouTuber’s version. At a cursory glance, they appear almost identical, showing just how much time, effort, and skill has gone into the project.

Traditionally, Minecraft is used to create some magnificent builds, including facsimiles of real-world structures. It’s also the seat of many Redstone contraptions that astound those who see them. But using the game to create a fully imagined painting, using just the blocks the game provides the player, takes just as much talent. Through sheer determination, ChrisDaCow’s recreation of The Starry Night is a wonderful display of creativity and determination, which fans of both art and Minecraft will no doubt be impressed by.

There is so much to do within the open-world title that it’s basically become a video game with near infinite replayability. Minecraft attempts to buck the perception that games are just about violence and action. With its peaceful soundtrack, cartoon-y visuals, and a community that is both dedicated and talented, Mojang’s IP continues to show just how tranquil gaming can actually be.

Minecraft is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: PC Gamer

Source: Gamerant

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