Minecraft Fan Builds Incredible Water Dam in the Game

This awesome Minecraft creation is complete with a water dam, majestic statues, a magnificent structure, a hanging boat, and a floating bed.

A Minecraft player has built a beautiful and working dam in the sandbox game that has blown other players away. Minecraft has always been a source of awe in terms of players’ creativity, where people created tons of iconic and historic buildings, mega cities, tributes to different IPs, and so on, like this recent Spirited Away-inspired building.

Building a dam in Minecraft is never an easy task. The player has to terraform the terrain to make a lake, build the architecture, and fill it with water. There is a lot of work as Minecraft is not a city-building game where players can click and drag to terraform, so players have to work brick by brick and click by click to build whatever creation they want to make. It takes a lot of creativity and willpower to do this kind of undertaking. Even looking for some resource could take Minecraft players long and tedious work if it’s a rare one.


This beautiful-looking dam was shared by Reddit user ovidiurusnac, who wanted to make a dam for their castle. As can be seen in the post, the dam is quite high, though not as high as this Eiffel Tower Minecraft replica, with two majestic horse statues guarding the water flow coming out of the top of the structure. The horse statue is not of the player’s design, as they were inspired by a Tiktok video. The castle is also familiar to some of the commenters because they saw the build in a tutorial by a YouTuber named BlueNerd. It turns out that BlueNerd is ovidiurusnac’s friend from the server, and they worked on it together, where the former was more focused on the building and the latter did a lot of terraforming.

Additional images can be seen on the original post.

Besides the dam, some details took the interest of other players, like the dirigible with a boat hanging from it and a floating bed. The player ovidiurusnac said that he started the dam “a while ago” and doesn’t really know exactly how long it took to build the dam, but the server itself started on June 2022. It is a classic Minecraft vanilla survival server, and they work on it mostly on weekends.

It has been 12 years since the release of Minecraft and players still offer so many cool things to see and new creative ways to play. The franchise has also released some spin-offs like Minecraft: Story Mode, Minecraft Dungeons, the ill-fated Minecraft Earth, and the upcoming Minecraft Legends. With its viewership on Twitch and YouTube rarely out of the top 10 most viewed games, it seems that this Mojang sandbox game will still be here for long.

Minecraft is available now on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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