Minecraft Clip Shows Hilarious Way to Move Villagers

A Minecraft player shares their impressive and effective new strategy when it comes to moving villagers quickly across the map.

Minecraft’s open world is full of interesting creatures and mobs players can interact with. This includes the villagers that players have often relied on for acquiring some of the more desirable items in the game. Because of their trading abilities, these neutral mobs are often the subject of interference by players in Minecraft. This is especially true in the latest post, in which a player shows off their favorite way to rapidly transport villagers.

Minecraft villagers are passive mobs that, as their name implies, inhabit the villages that dot the different biomes in the game world. Generally, these villagers tend to stick to their village and home but, as they can be bred and used for trading items, they are often captured by players.


This post was created by u/llMezzll, and it shows off an interesting but unconventional way of moving villagers in Minecraft. In the short video, u/llMezzll shows off a pair of villagers trapped in one of Minecraft’s wooden boats. Players who place a boat next to a villager will find that they get trapped in one of the seats onboard and, in this clip, u/llMezzll takes advantage of this feature.

The player then attaches a fishing rod to the boat and climbs up a small cliff before releasing it. This sends both the villagers and the boat flying over the player’s head and onto the top of one of the buildings in the distance. This method for tossing the villagers across the map is much faster than other strategies like climbing in the boat and rowing it around on land.

Players who have done extended playthroughs of Minecraft will likely understand the struggle of trying to get villagers to a designated place. The clip here shows a truly revolutionary method for moving these passive mobs around though whether these villagers will take fall damage remains unclear. U/llMezzll mentions that this clip takes place on the Bedrock edition of the game and with the Realistic Textures HD pack activated.

Villagers can be important to any playthrough, but the process of acquiring them can be frustrating. Unless players are willing to move their operation to a village, moving villagers demands trapping them and transporting them across the map.

Then again, the struggle is really only for the first pair of villagers. Once a pair has been brought over, players have the choice to breed villagers in Minecraft. And with the right blocks, these two can create a number of different vendors players can then trade with. Either way, u/llMezzll has shared a great way to transport villagers.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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