Microsoft Store Has Xbox Series X Consoles in Stock Right Now

Xbox Series X consoles are available for purchase now through the Microsoft Store, both standalone and bundled with controllers and a Game Pass sub.

Throughout the newest console generation and amidst numerous supply shortages over the past few years, both Xbox and PlayStation have struggled to supply the hottest new consoles on the market. Shortages of everything from GPUs to chips and semiconductors have created a constant struggle for both Microsoft and Sony to keep the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 in stock both in retail stores and in online markets. However, it looks like Xbox fans lying in wait may be seeing their newest chance to get their hands on an Xbox Series X through Microsoft’s online store.


Restocks of Xbox Series X consoles have become something of an event for many retailers with the consoles often coming in short supply and selling out fast. GameStop announced a new restock of the Series X last month exclusively in stores, with the retailer offering a bundle of the console and controller, three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and a $50 GameStop card for its PowerUp Rewards members. Now, Microsoft itself has started a new promotion through its online store, allowing Xbox fans to purchase an Xbox Series X as part of a bundle with plenty of optional accessories.

Microsoft recently opened up sales on the Microsoft Store for players to purchase Xbox Series X consoles through the company’s website. Fans looking to pick up an Xbox Series X can buy just the console at a starting price of $499.99 or bundle it in with several additional accessories for an extra cost. Potential buyers can add a 3-month membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the standard $44.99 rate or add a variety of controllers, with many of the options being discounted by $5 up to $15 and even a $40 off the console’s touted Xbox Elite Controller.

Microsoft’s online bundle comes as both Sony and Microsoft have ramped up their efforts to contend with high customer demand for the newest consoles. GameStop recently announced a PS5 restock that will include every store in the US, with Sony previously making efforts to restock both Amazon and Walmart this month. While Xbox hasn’t seen quite the same difficulties as Sony, the constant shortages have still led Series X consoles to short supply and have caused widespread scalping.

Xbox’s efforts to put more Series X consoles into the hands of consumers coincide with several major announcements set to come in the near future. Microsoft recently announced its Xbox & Bethesda Game Showcase for a June 12th date heavily hinting at the inclusion of highly-anticipated new Bethesda IP Starfield, and Halo Infinite is set to add several features, including co-op campaign mode and the popular Forge map editor later this year. Microsoft’s newest online bundle will allow plenty of Xbox fans to finally get a chance to own the Xbox Series X.

Source: Microsoft Store

Source: Gamerant

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